It was my dream job


John Calipari has resigned as coach Kentucky Wildcats Basketball team after 15 seasons at the top.

Calipari shared a video on social media on Tuesday to announce his retirement from what he described as his “dream job.” He wore a cuckoo blue jacket without the club logo on it.

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It is assumed that Calipari will coach Arkansas next week after his first-round exit with the Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament, which gave him and his wife some time to think.

This is a dream jobCal said. “It was my dream job. Everyone in our profession looks at the University of Kentucky in basketball and says it’s the bluest of the blue.”

“It's become clear to us over the last few weeks that this program probably needs to hear a different voice, that the university as a whole needs to have a different voice giving guidance to what they're hearing about this program. And the fans need to hear a different voice.” Voice.”

Calipari's love for Kentucky

Calipari seems to have a lot of love for the players and people he worked with Kentucky.

“We have been given opportunities so we discuss them as a family. I love coaching,” he said.

“I love coaching young people. I loved this year's team. I enjoyed coming here every day.

“Once again it was a dream what we achieved” Calipari said. “But 15 years, time for a different voice. And you know I'll always be a fan. Thanks.”