THE CHRISTOPHER REEVE STORY is coming to theaters this year


Superman: The Movie inspired a generation of filmmakers, and Christopher Reeve's version of the Man of Tomorrow remains a benchmark that every other actor following in his footsteps aspires to achieve.

In 1995, Reeve was tragically paralyzed from the shoulders down after being thrown from his horse during an equestrian competition. However, he continued to act and raise awareness for various charitable causes before passing away in 2004.

Warner Bros.' Last night's CinemaCon presentation was light on DCU news, but DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran was on hand to announce the news Super/Man: The Christopher Reeves Story documentary “The start it deserves.”

For this reason, the film is now scheduled to hit theaters in September!

The first film to be released under the DC Studios banner delves into Reeve's life and features insight from filmmaker Richard Donner, his collaborators and the actor's children.

“Everyone at Warner Bros. Discovery is incredibly proud to work together as a company to work with Christopher Reeve's family and the filmmakers behind 'Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story' and bring his personal journey to audiences around the world .” a Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson said in a statement.

“WBD’s DC Studios, Warner Bros. Motion Pictures, HBO, CNN Films and Max are grateful for the opportunity to honor one of our company’s most valued creative partners and celebrate Christopher’s rich life and career.”

The studio bought the documentary for $15 million at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, and last year, Reeves' daughter Alexandra Reeve Givens gave some hints about what Superman fans can look forward to.

“One of the joys is that they discovered so much archival material,” She said. “So there are the clips from the original audition for Superman, interviews with Dad from the '70s and '80s when we were little kids.”

“Seeing him at the height of his fame and even old home movies that we hadn't spent much time with – suddenly we're discovering those moments and seeing them on the big screen. All of that coming together was really beautiful and powerful.” Alexandra added.

In Super/Man: The Christopher Reeves Story, never-before-seen home movies and extraordinary personal archives reveal how Christopher Reeve went from unknown actor to legendary movie star and ultimate screen superhero. As an activist, he learned the true meaning of heroism after suffering a tragic accident that left him paralyzed and reliant on a ventilator to breathe.

Stay tuned for updates too Super/Man: The Christopher Reeves Story like we have.