Young Poconos Man Jumps into Delaware River to Save Injured Bald Eagle | Poconos and Coal Region


A young man from the Poconos is credited with saving a bald eagle.

While most eyes were on the eclipse on Monday, his eyes were on the Delaware River, where the bird faced imminent danger.

“I heard a splash and Sampson had jumped into the river,” said Janine Tancredi, co-executive director of the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center.

Janine Tancredi could only describe the leap that Sampson Metzgar made in one way:

“Terrifying. At first it was like I didn't believe you did that,” she said.

“I could care less. I would do anything to save an eagle,” Metzgar said.

At just 19 years old, Metzgar is the lead bird specialist at the Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center.

“Sampson is an incredible leader, by far the most valuable intern we have,” said Tancredi.

And those handling skills would come in handy as the young man, wearing special gloves, swam up to his chest against the current to bring the bird safely to shore.

“I didn’t really think about the consequences of what could happen,” he said.

“He was hyperventilating when he came out. The shock of the cold and the adrenaline of the catch,” Tancredi said.

“I had to bowl all the time. When I came back, I had chest pains all day because of that,” Metzgar said.

Metzgar is doing well, and the bald eagle is expected to be doing well too.

A young Poconos man is credited with saving the life of a bald eagle

“Luckily nothing life-threatening. It’s a very small fracture in the metacarpals of their wings,” Metzgar said.

She is receiving medication to ease the pain and control the swelling, but she will soon be reunited with her partner and family.

“She will definitely return. She’ll know exactly where that is,” Tancredi said.

Metzgar says it was his first rescue and that it happened to be in the middle of the solar eclipse, so it was only fitting that the bird was named “Eclipse.”