PlayStation players have their last chance to snag a rare free download before it's gone forever


Lovers of the old ways are currently suffering. So much of classic gaming history is being “lost” as services close and rare downloads are taken away.

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Now PlayStation users are also suffering as PS3 collectibles will soon disappear. “If I'm not mistaken, the first PS3 collectible came out in September 2022, and 'PlayStation and You' collectibles expire after two years if unclaimed.”

“Depending on which console variant you had, some also came out later and in 2023, but they will be expiring soon and it seems that there will be no solution to the problem,” explains a Redditor.

Although these collectibles are “useless,” many players enjoy collecting them; For those interested in collecting them all, it's difficult to see them taken away.

Time is not on your side here, so you need to act quickly to avoid the inevitable disappointment.

Speaking of collectibles, PS users are also asked to claim a download that Sony owes them. Although it may not seem time-sensitive, if you owe it, you deserve it. Simply.

PlayStation's legacy is complicated. Once these remnants of a bygone gaming era are gone, they are gone forever. If you want to keep every collectible from the old PS3, the clock is ticking.

If you're interested in claiming what's rightfully yours, be sure to heed this user's advice: “If your account was logged in to anything other than the standard black PS3, you should have gotten one of these.” [collectibles] for this console variant.”