I tried the viral TikTok “Sleepy Girl Mocktail,” that’s how I slept


Have you ever heard of the Sleepy Girl cocktail?

Made with tart cherry juice, magnesium glycinate, and a sparkling soft drink like sparkling water or lemonade, this mocktail is said to be the ideal blend to put you into a deep, lasting sleep.

For me, a person who just doesn't sleep well, this sounds ideal. A fruity little drink before bed that will keep me sleeping all night? Please register me. I'm sold, I'm in, I'll try ANYTHING if it means I actually sleep through the night.

TikTok creator Madison Lynn said that when she drinks this she sleeps like “an absolute baby,” and thousands of other YouTubers on the app have tried this aesthetically pleasing sleep tonic.

So I had to try it.

Does the Sleepy Girl cocktail actually work?

So I followed all the steps. I bought the magnesium powder, the tart cherry concentrate and mixed them with sugar free lemonade.

I waited until about an hour before bed to drink this drink and at that point I was just starting to relax, I was snuggled up in my robe and ready to go.

The drink itself was VERY sour. It took me a few sips to get used to the taste, while my partner looked on completely stunned that I was even trying this trend.

After I finished the glass, I spent some time in the living room before finally going to bed. I definitely felt more sleepy and really felt like I was feeling the effects of the small amount of melatonin found in tart cherries pretty quickly.

Although, to be honest, the sleep itself wasn't that great last night. I don't sleep well anyway, so we're not putting the blame entirely on a viral drink, but if anything, I think I actually slept worse than usual.

My sleep was restless, I woke up several times during the night and today I still feel pretty groggy and sluggish.

I'm really disappointed, but really not surprised, that this “hack” wasn't effective. It's going to take more than that to make my sleep a fine art.

What experts think about the Sleepy Girl cocktail

According to nutritionist Courtney Kassis, the amount of sugar in these mocktails will likely wake you up throughout the night due to a spike in blood sugar.

Instead, she recommends eating only real tart cherries or even nuts or oatmeal as an evening snack to improve sleep quality.

Kassis also said in the comments of her video that she actually believes it can make sleep worse, which I can truly attest to.

Back to the drawing board.