Do we finally have an Insta-killer?


For those familiar with the characters in Marvels Loki, Alioth is possibly one of the most devastating antagonists. For the uninitiated, Alioth devours all matter and energy in all dimensions, while the Time Variance Authority (TVA) cuts variants into the void. Although Alioth is an imaginary character, parallels can be drawn between the iconic creature and everyone's favorite photo-sharing platform, Instagram.

Think about it – Meta has used Instagram as a platform that takes standout features from its competitors and uses them to get people hooked.

It created a slightly different version of Snapchat's Stories, revamping the user experience for millions of people. As TikTok's popularity surged during the pandemic, the Insta team got to work developing Reels, a new section for essentially the same short-video format. As Instagram is the alioth to all other social media platforms that are restricted by authorities or the public.

However, Bytedance, the company behind TikTok, doesn't make it easy for Meta. The popular short video platform app is now taking to Instagram and preparing its new photo sharing platform. Luckily they don't call it TikTokgram! But based on all the rumors we've heard, it seems Instagram can't be complacent anymore. TikTok Notes, as the platform is reportedly called, could provide important reasons to encourage you to jump ship.

So, ahead of release, we conducted a detailed comparison between TikTok Notes and Instagram to find out if it's time to make the switch.

TikTok Notes vs. Instagram: Who has the better mood?

Photo credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Conquering Instagram is not an easy task, especially considering its age and popularity. Instagram came up with the concept of a photo sharing app in 2010 and since then the world we knew has changed. It became Meta's most popular product, surpassing Facebook as one of the world's most popular social media platforms.

Therefore, thinking differently was key for a company like Bytedance to take over the OG photo-sharing app. Based on the rumors and leaked screenshots, it seems that Bytedance is starting small and plans to keep it in the testing phase.

Here's what the TikTok Notes app will have for us:

– TikTok Notes will essentially separate the photo posts section from the primary app to optimize the user experience. The core TikTok app will only focus on short videos in the future.

– In the initial phase, TikTok Notes will be in an experimental mode. Members have the option to have TikTok automatically publish their photo and text-based content to the new app. If you don't give your consent, your videos and photo posts will continue to appear in the regular TikTok app.

– TikTok Notes allows users to post photos with captions, just like Instagram. As Bytedance announced in a press interaction, TikTok Notes will focus on photos and text.

Does TikTok Notes have an advantage over Instagram?

Aside from the names, there are a few differences between these two platforms that will be beneficial to Meta for the foreseeable future.

Two apps vs. one mother app

TikTok Notes will be a standalone app and will likely be perceived as an extension of that service. While this could help Bytedance optimize the user experience, we'd like to see TikTok encourage users to switch apps while browsing through video content.

In contrast, Instagram houses its Reels and photo posts under one roof. This allows Meta to place both Reels and Photos on your main timeline. A user who browses causally does not have to be afraid of switching to another app.

Insta has more people on board

Instagram fosters vibrant communities across all genres, be it sports, motorcycles, entertainment, pop culture, food, travel, cars and more. The focus remains on creating content across various media formats. In addition, Instagram has a wide reach in all countries of the world and is not subject to any government bans.

On the other hand, TikTok's reach is limited due to the bans imposed by several governments. TikTok could be pinning its hopes on TikTok Notes to return to countries where its video app is not allowed or faces imminent bans.

However, looking at the bigger picture, content creators, members or advertisers will prefer Instagram for now because of its wide availability and unlimited possibilities.

TikTok Notes vs. Instagram: Should You Make the Switch?

(Image: Courtesy of Pixabay)

If you believe us, we'd say stick to Instagram for now. Meta's Hero social media platform offers all the benefits under one roof and is a better place to express yourself with thriving communities.

Still, you should try TikTok Notes every time you publish. This new app certainly has the potential to bring a refreshing change in the social media space and we, like everyone else, love freshness. Bytedance could be onto something here, and once the trend catches on, it could be the next big thing that people could flock to.

[Hero and Featured Image Credits: Courtesy Solen Feyissa via Unsplash (For Representational Purpose Only)]