India Today Group's digital-first channel 'UP Tak' reaches more than 10 million YouTube subscribers



UP Takthe digital-first channel India Today Group, has surpassed 10 million YouTube subscribers. Additionally, the channel's website,, is witnessing steady growth. UP Tak has been at the forefront of reporting news from across Uttar Pradesh.

This achievement of reaching 10 million subscribers underscores the channel's commitment to providing premium news coverage of politics and trending topics in the state.

“Last year we all celebrated News Tak reaching the milestone of 10 million subscribers. We had an internal competition between Crime Tak, Sports Tak and UP Tak, all vying to reach this remarkable milestone first. I am happy to inform you that UP Tak has emerged victorious in this spirited race which coincided with the auspicious occasion of Navratri and just before the start of the general elections. The competition between Crime Tak and Sports Tak will continue until the next opportunity,” noted Kalli Purie, Vice Chairperson, India Today Group.

UP Tak is the second in the universe of Tak channels to reach the 10 million mark. The first was the national news channel News Tak. This significant achievement of UP Tak in reaching 10 million YouTube subscribers surpasses that of any other regional Hindi news channel.

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With a clear editorial focus on covering Indian politics from across the country, UP Tak plays a crucial role. UP Tak's website, reports targeted and unbiased news about state politics and their impact on the national level.

It also provides detailed and factual coverage of news related to the interests of the general public including politics, crime, health, education, careers, jobs, society, religion and tourism in Uttar Pradesh.

In the last few years, Tak group of channels has successfully transitioned to native platforms in various regions such as Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, MP, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Cumulatively, the digital-first channels achieved a reach of more than 12 billion video views on YouTube in the last financial year.