Jay Wright loves broadcasting, so his answer is no to Kentucky


Jay Wright at the basketball analyst table.

Image by Jeremy Freeman, WBD Sports.

Jay Wright enjoys being an analyst, but admits he still has a lot to learn.

After Villanova basketball coach Jay Wright retired in 2022 after 21 seasons, he took a new job as a CBS college basketball analyst, and it sounds like he's having too much fun to pass up right now thinking about taking another career step.

When people started floating his name as the successor to University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, Wright made things clear. He wouldn't take the job even if it was one of the most prestigious college basketball jobs in the country.

It looks like Calipari is leaving Kentucky to take a head coaching job at the University of Arkansas, writes Gabriela Carroll for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wright broke the news before the national championship game on TNT that he would remain with CBS' March Madness broadcast team.

“I’m so happy to be doing this,” Wright, 62, said on the air. “I’m telling you this, I love doing this.”

How would you replace a legendary coach at a blue blood program like Kentucky?

“The guy who replaces [Calipari] “It’s going to be really difficult to cover all areas of college basketball,” Wright said.

“He’s a college basketball genius,” Wright said of Calipari.

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