Horizon Forbidden West is getting a beautiful graphical makeover that you can download for free


Horizon Forbidden West The graphics have been given a major overhaul thanks to a new mod that makes the game's world even more impressive than it already was.

The latest game in the series, Horizon: Forbidden Westis now available on PC, check it out below

Guerrilla Games has really outdone itself when it comes to designing the wilderness. Not only is it exciting to explore while dodging mechanical dinosaurs, but it's also a feast for the eyes and the perfect backdrop for photo mode enthusiasts.

That's why so many gamers call it one of the most beautiful gaming worlds, and with the right mods it can look even better.

For the sake of simplicity, the mod is simply an overhaul of the game's overall graphics and performance.

It features more vibrant colors, makes shadows look a little more realistic, and removes the orange/yellow tint of the base game so that the colors of the world really shine.

They're simple changes that make a big difference in the long run, and the game looks fantastic with them, especially the DLC Burning shores that looked great.

While a third game in the Horizon series hasn't been officially announced yet, I think we can all agree that it's a certainty at this point.

Aloy's journey is definitely not over yet, and if the next game is developed with new generation consoles in mind, we can expect a huge technical improvement over the last game, which is really exciting.