TikTok launches photo app “Notes” to compete with Instagram


TikTok is preparing to launch a photo-sharing app called TikTok Notes that aims to compete with social media platform Instagram. Users have reported seeing a pop-up notification warning them that all images shared on their TikTok profile will be automatically duplicated and shared in TikTok Notes once the app is available.

Users have the option to opt out of this cross-platform posting and screenshots of the pop-up shared on social messages Website Reddit revealed.

In one image, the message in the TikTok app reads: “Your photo posts are now showing on TikTok.”

It continues: “TikTok Notes, a new app for photo posts, is coming soon! Your existing and future public TikTok photo posts will appear on TikTok Notes. If you'd rather not display your public TikTok photo posts on TikTok Notes, toggle that off now.

The photo has a toggle that allows users to decide whether or not to share it in the incoming notes app.


TikTok said it is working on the new app, but it is not yet available to users.

A spokesperson said: “As part of our ongoing commitment to innovating the TikTok experience, we are looking for ways to give our community the opportunity to create and share their creativity with photos and text in a dedicated area for these formats.”

TikTok's rapid success has forced rivals like Instagram, part of Mark Zuckerberg's meta, and YouTube, owned by the same parent company as Google, to shift focus to shorter video clips and launch rivals Reels and YouTube Shorts, respectively to avoid user losses.

And now it looks like TikTok is hoping to capitalize on the success of photos and ephemeral stories popular with Instagram's 2 billion monthly active users and wants to launch a competitor.

According to the early code discovered by the team at TheSpAndroidWhen you post a photo on TikTok, you'll see a message about the new app that says, “TikTok Photos will be posting soon…”

TikTok only came onto the market at the end of 2017, but it now dominates the market for short videos. There are over 1.5 billion users worldwide, including a large proportion of younger users – it is estimated that 47.4% of TikTok users are under 30 – an important target group for advertisers.

As we've seen with BeReal's recent success, it's still possible for new social media services to challenge long-established players like Instagram and Facebook. TikTok Notes has the advantage of being promoted to a huge user base of hundreds of millions of people who already love TikTok.

The app faces a number of regulatory hurdles in the US Lawmakers in Washington DC want to block the social app completely unless it is sold to a US company.