Workers at the Port of Baltimore affected by the Key Bridge collapse will receive relief after the bill's passage


BALTIMORE – Maryland lawmakers have passed priority legislation that includes a measure to support Port of Baltimore employees affected by the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.

The governor signed the bill into law on Tuesday.

The Measure that permits use The state rainy day fund to support port workers received strong support in the Maryland General Assembly. The stunning bridge collapse on March 26 and its impact on a key economic engine spurred lawmakers to act in the final two weeks of the session.

“One of our top priorities for Sine Die is to pass the PORT Act to help everyone affected by the Key Bridge collapse,” Maryland House Speaker Adrienne Jones, a Democrat from Baltimore County, said in a statement was referring to the law Latin sentence used for the last day of the session. “Our members have important bills that still need to get across the finish line, so I look forward to a productive final day.”

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The bridge collapse directly impacts approximately 15,300 jobs at the port, but overall approximately 140,000 people are affected in some way.

This measure would temporarily pay port workers' wages and support workers not covered by unemployment insurance.

“It is vital that we help the workers and their families who rely on the port for their livelihoods and that we ensure they have food during the period when the canal is not fully open to traffic bring to their table and pay their bills,” Delegate Luke told Clippinger.

The measure would also help companies cover their payrolls and incentivize them to return to the port once it fully reopens.

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