How the Bruins plan to handle Collin Schlee's transfer next year


UCLA Bruins third-string quarterback Collin Schlee was the team's best running signal caller during a checkered 8-5 season in 2023. Now he has entered the NCAA transfer portal, apparently to enjoy his final collegiate season with eligibility closer to his home of Maryland. Given that sophomore forward Dante Moore is also gone, that's pretty bad news for the team's QB strength.

“He had a great season for us last season, we would like to keep him,” remarked newly promoted head coach DeShaun Foster (per Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times), “but I completely understand that. It’s difficult for some children to travel across the United States.”

“We have…nine days to see if we want to tackle this [the absence of Schlee]“Foster offered evasively. “But I’m excited about the room, it’s a deep QB room. It gives the other guys some reps and I’m excited to see if they’re ready to play.”

Foster seemed to indicate that redshirt freshman Justyn Martin will likely see some real snaps next season. Last year he was on the field for two games but never got past the pigskin.

“It’s just time for Justyn,” Foster said. “You know, I think he's ready for this opportunity. It’s a new lineup, new coaches, new quarterback coach, so you can really start from scratch, and I think he’s ready for that opportunity.”