Maryland Deathfest claims My Dying Bride is reportedly canceling all 2024 shows


Fans of death-doom band My Dying Bride will apparently have even more reason to be sad, as the band appears to be losing out on all of their live shows in 2024. Keep in mind that this isn't coming directly from the band – at least not yet – but rather from the organizers of this year's Maryland Deathfest.

According to a statement released by the festival's showrunners, they were allegedly harassed by the band for several months before they were finally told they would not be taking part in this year's festivities. Given her absence from the festival, organizers said Agalloch would take My Dying Bride's place.

The organizers' statement is as follows:

“After two months of receiving no responses to our emails, My Dying Bride recently informed us that they will be canceling all confirmed shows in 2024.

We suspect the band will be reporting on it soon, but we're not waiting for it because the festival is happening next month and you deserve to know now.

In addition to the approved visas now going unused, our frustration mainly comes from the fact that there are fans who had organized trips around their performance at MDF, but the band canceled at the eleventh hour, without a legitimate one give reason for this.

Despite the short notice, Agalloch has confirmed that it will fill the vacant spot on Friday, May 24th.

It will be an exclusive East Coast performance for the band – their first such appearance since 2014.”

At the time of this post, there has been no official statement from My Dying Bride, nor has Agalloch confirmed her participation in this year's Maryland Deathfest. If these two things happen, we will definitely follow up.

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06. A starving heart
07. Crushed embers

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