Unfiltered, Kyle Busch reveals a two-word secret behind William Byron's dominance


To this day, Kyle Busch remains one of the most outspoken personalities in the NASCAR Cup Series. While this approach has often caused controversy, the Richard Childress Racing driver was at it again. This time he remained unfiltered as he spoke candidly about Hendrick Motorsports superstar William Byron.

The number 24 driver has been in impressive form this season and has already claimed three victories in the first eight races. While his skills behind the wheel are beyond impressive, Busch has a different take on it.

Kyle Busch believes that luck played a key role in William Byron's success


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With two championships and having competed in over 600 Cup Series races, Kyle Busch is undoubtedly a veteran of the industry. Although he knows what it takes to be successful, he has certainly had his own struggles throughout his career. In fact, his current form hasn't been great so far, with just a single top-five and two top-ten finishes in the 2024 season.

However, he remains an experienced unit in the sport. Recently, Busch delved into several discussions in a candid conversation with Kenny Wallace as part of the “Kenny Conversation.” One involved the role of wealth and talent for a driver in the Cup Series.

To explain his point, Rowdy used William Byron as an example. He began by giving some background information about Byron's father. Not many people know, but the HMS driver's father is a financial advisor. Busch said it was unusual for someone to expect the son of a financial advisor to become a NASCAR racer.

In Busch's words: “The kid enjoyed racing, he watched racing, he grew up in Charlotte so he knew what it was. He got in the simulator, played with it and thought it was fun, thought he was pretty good at it, and then asked his dad to start racing go-karts and legend cars and stuff like that and he won and everything , what was in him.”

While Busch did not deny that Byron had his own challenges, he claimed that the HMS driver had it easier compared to others. He said, “William worked on it, but I think he had good people around him who taught him what to do about it. His dad wasn’t a car guy because he wasn’t in the garage working on cars and figuring things out like that, but he still became a really good racer without having all that knowledge and background.”

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At the time, he used two words to clarify Byron's secret to success. Busch said: “So he probably had one God-given talent that he fortunately found what he loved and was able to make the most of it.” Certainly Busch had no intention here of undermining Byron's progress.

However, Rowdy's statements seem a little contradictory considering what William Byron said after his recent success at Martinsville.

Willaim Byron believes that people's belief in him played a key role in his success

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Sunday's race at Martinsville Speedway may not have been the most entertaining, but it certainly gave William Byron a decisive victory. The win meant the Hendrick Motorsports driver now has 13 wins to his name, nine of them last year.

Speaking to the media after the win, Byron went into detail about how everything turned out for him. When I joined HMS as a 15-year-old it would have been a distant dream. When he spoke about it he said: “I don’t know, I just know that I knew where I wanted to be. I knew that if I put in the effort, I could feel everything that was going on right from the first time I competed in a race. It took a lot of work to catch up.”


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Although Byron didn't deny having great people around him, he felt that people who believed in him helped him more. he said, “I don't know. I think I just try to develop and learn more year after year. I'm surrounded by great people. I think that's the key to it all: people who believe in you have the chance to go out and give you what you need.”

Interestingly, Byron also added how difficult it is to win consistently. He said, “I think the more you win races, the more you realize how difficult it is and how many things have to work out to stay at the front and have what it takes to win.”


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Surely winning consistently isn't just a God-given talent. After all, being successful in the Cup Series isn't for everyone. While Kyle Busch meant no disrespect with his choice of words, Byron has the credentials to justify his case.

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