Fallout Zero is a stunning prequel that you can download for free


Fallout has received an incredible fan-made prequel that you can download now for free. It's worth checking out.

The Fallout world is incredibly vast, and while we've had several years to explore it from Washington DC to New Vegas, we seem to have barely scratched the surface of what the wastelands have to offer.

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While there's a big, long list of potential locations we could explore during Radiation, there's one idea that even Bethesda hasn't thought of: a prequel.

Each Fallout game typically takes place years after the fall of the atomic bombs, with the player's character having to adapt to survive in the changed world they have entered.

However, a fan-made expansion for Fallout 3 titled Fallout Zero sets the world back a few weeks after the war to end all the wars that started first.

In the expansion, you take on the role of a new character and try to survive the constant bombardments, searching for a variety of supplies to keep them alive. I'm afraid there won't be any fancy protective vaults this time.

The player must complete a variety of tasks to collect much-needed supplies, although the mod makes it clear that you can't burn through every encounter you come across, after all, you're not a savage yet.

Various missions can be played on a brand new map that is a little less war-torn than usual, which represents a change.

In total Fallout Zero is a prequel worth exploring and will allow you to see Bethesda's RPG series from a completely different perspective.

The icing on the cake is that it's free to download from NexusMods, although of course you'll need a copy of it Fallout 3 go with something.