Bandai Namco releases 3 new free games that you can already download on PC


Aside from the controversies, 2024 has been a great year for the video game industry so far. In the first few months, high-quality indie titles appeared that met fans' expectations. Due to the large number of publications, you may have missed three very interesting suggestions play for free.

A few weeks ago, Bandai Namco quietly released 3 games for PC without much fuss. All of these are already available, so you can find them on Steam and add them to your library. The best part? They are free and you can play them at any time without restrictions.

These titles were developed by Gyaar Studioa designation of Bandai Namco This accommodates new employees who work on small projects to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to take part in larger budget games in the future.

The Japanese company's employees release new games every year with the support of the publisher Phoenixx. According to the portal VGCthe games of 2023 were Hook & Kaiju, Shigeru planetAnd Excyclewhich were available to all players for free Japan. Fortunately, the experiences of 2024 reached everyone worldwide.

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Play these 3 new Bandai Namco games for free on Steam

The first free game on the list is Nottolotan action title with puzzle elements in which you play as a cute Ball robot tries to escape from a manufacturing factory. To complete the task, you have to attack and hack other robots to use their abilities and navigate through the levels. Thanks to its simple and entertaining concept, it succeeded very positive reviews.

The next game is Doronko Wanko, where you play as a lovable and mischievous Pomeranian dog. What is your goal? Rolling around in the mud and making a mess of the whole house. Although its harmless concept is very simple, it is very endearing and has managed to resonate with the community. At the moment, 98% of the 1341 reviews available on Steam extremely positive.

Finally, the third free game from Bandai is Namco Boomerroad, a title with a futuristic anime aesthetic where you glide along tracks you create using a boomerang. Like its counterparts, it has very positive reviews Valve Platform.

You can now enjoy these new free games from Bandai Namco
You can now enjoy these new free games from Bandai Namco

These are the new free games from Bandai Namco that you can already play on PC:

  • Nottolot
  • Doronko Wanko
  • Boomerroad

But tell us, would you try any of these titles? Which is your favorite?