The offense responds after the second scrimmage


Spring training continued in Tallahassee on a Tuesday afternoon, with plenty of activity off the football field. Florida State continued to prepare diligently, the team coming off its second scrimmage and just over ten days remaining until the Garnet and Gold Spring Showcase.

The offense prevailed over the defense throughout the day as the unit was able to make big plays on the ground and through the air. The defense provided variety, especially in the second half of training, with splash plays and ball losses.

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NoleGameday was present throughout practice and below are some observations from the ninth day of spring.

– Michael Alford, Braden Fiske and D'Mitri Emmanuel were all hanging out on the sidelines.

— This wasn't Ryan Fitzgerald's sharpest exercise. He made shots from 23, 25, 39 and 47 yards. However, he also missed from 25, 39 and 47 yards.


— Mike Norvell thought DJ Uiagalelei had his best day in FSU's second scrimmage of the weekend. His upward trend continued Tuesday as he made a handful of quality throws that really showcased the arm talent that the graduate transfer brings. Uiagalelei delivered a perfect pass to Landen Thomas, who took his target to the sideline where only his receiver could reach him. Norvell stopped by after the play to calm Uiagalelei. Later in practice, he hit Ja'Khi Douglas for another big play and generally made the right decisions while feeling comfortable with his progress.

— Brock Glenn also had a pretty good practice. He found a wide-open Hykeem Williams on the sideline in team drills for a big play. Glenn created a big play of his own in the second half of practice. On a mock fourth-and-short play, Glenn pulled the ball and fooled the defense by unleashing himself down the sideline in a run that Norvell said exceeded the 20 MPH mark. A testament to his increasing athleticism.

– There are a few plays in every training session where Luke Kromenhoek pulls the ball on so quickly that you realize this kid is going to be a problem in the future. Kromenhoek threw a pass to Jaylin Lucas on the sideline that gave the offense a repeat goal.

– There were spikes during spring training, but true freshman Lawyne McCoy performed consistently on Tuesday. He caught a pass in team drills and held the ball while firing a shot from Azareye'h Thomas. On the next play, McCoy went offside and blocked Lawrance Toafili to set up a big play while Norvell sprinted in, shouting “great damn job.” His performance continued in the 1-on-1 as McCoy picked up a pass while playing past the tight coverage of a defender. McCoy finished his run with an athletic extension into the end zone to complete a rep. Positive, tangible signs of growth for the young receiver.

— Roydell Williams was the most active of the running backs. He made a nice move in the hole and set up an explosive run in team drills before relying on his patience and vision to create another a few plays later. Norvell was happy with the way Williams ran.

– Lawrance Toafili, Samuel Singleton and Kam Davis also made a lot of appearances. Singleton made a nasty tackle on linebacker Shawn Murphy to break free after the defender was initially in good position. Davis found space on the sideline late in the game to get the offense into the scoring zone.

— Ja'Khi Douglas was ever-present, making one play after another. We mentioned the big catch he had in team drills when he grabbed a ball with a defender in the box before running down the field and scoring a touchdown. Douglas also made a contested catch on the sideline in a 1-on-1 game in which he ran over a defender – not easy given his 5-foot-7 frame.

— Deuce Spann showed up and used his speed and agility to create space on some routes. Spann dropped a few passes throughout the day, so there is still room for improvement.

— Landen Thomas continues to throw his face into the fire as a blocker and is making progress in that regard. He made a tough catch in 1-on-1 play, deflecting a defender before adjusting his body to catch one.


– Conrad Hussey and Greedy Vance battle it out for the top spot in the sales rankings. On Tuesday, they each managed interceptions, tied for first as both players have forced four turnovers this spring. Vance intercepted a deep ball on a 1-on-1 play while Hussey made another huge play in the end zone.

– Blake Nichelson caused a turnover of his own after knocking out a ball following a catch over the middle by Kentron Poitier. Azareye'h Thomas was in the forefront and immediately picked it up and ran in the other direction.

— Quindarrius Jones almost deflected a pass, but settled for a pass deflection on a 1-on-1 play. He stayed with Camdon Frier on the sideline and positioned himself in front of the wide receiver.

– Shyheim Brown struggled to keep up with Jaylin Lucas on a 1-on-1 replay. He responded to his net chance by staying close to the shifty running back and nearly throwing an interception.

– Juice Cryer did a good job accompanying Lawrance Toafili out of the backfield and preventing a completed pass from going nowhere. I noticed that Jeremiah Byers made a great attempt to block a unique attack from the defense to give the quarterback time to throw.

– Solid training for Patrick Payton, who was constantly around the quarterback. He netted at least one sack and forced DJ Uiagalelei to shed two passes or risk being stopped for a loss.

– Earl Little Jr. deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage to stop a drive.

— Tomiwa Durojaiye continues to have moments of promise moving between the outside and inside of the defensive line. He made a tackle for loss before blowing up a run on KJ Sampson a few plays later.

— Sione Lolohea impressed with his power in drills against the offensive line.

— I liked the effort from KJ Sampson. He chased Brock Glenn all the way down in a scramble, earning a nod from Mike Norvell. Sampson was credited with a safety late in practice.

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