Calipari handled this situation as best as possible


Dan Beyer and Aaron Torres – representing Covino & Rich – respond to an update At John Calipari, out of John Calipari himself “Coach Cal” officially confirmed that he will not be returning as head basketball coach at Kentucky and that both teams will be moving on, citing the program's need for a fresh new voice at the helm moving forward. Beyer and Torres agree that Calipari handled the situation flawlessly, but are skeptical that he would behave the same way if the Arkansas job wasn't waiting for him.

Aaron Torres: “[Calipari’s] For me, that statement changes my entire perspective on this story…When I hear his words, I hear a man who understands that Kentucky has come full circle…but also a man who wants to continue coaching basketball. .. If the type “If someone has been doing something for 40 years, is passionate about it, and someone wants to pay them for it, they should be allowed to keep doing it!”

Dan Beyer: “I think it was a great message, but I'm skeptical that the message would have been the same if Arkansas hadn't been there… He said everything right, and I think he believes everything he said .”, but having the job in Arkansas really helps [waiting for you]where you're wanted and where you're paid well… When someone fires you, it's a lot easier to accept if you were interested in someone else anyway.”