Hawkeye's Hailee Steinfeld joins MCU stars in Black Panther director's Vampire film


Hailee Steinfeld will be teaming up with some of her Marvel Cinematic Universe colleagues for her next film role. After appearing in several MCU projects, the Hawkeye The star has now joined the cast of an untitled supernatural thriller film, directed by Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther And Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Michael B Jordan is attached to the film in a leading role. Given Jordan's appearances as Killmonger, this is one of several MCU stars joining the cast What if…? and that Black Panther Films. This was also recently reported Wunmi Mosakuwho played B-15 in the MCU series Loki, had been cast for a role in the film. According to THR, it was announced that Hailee Steinfeld has been cast, but details about the characters have not yet been revealed. The film will also star Delroy Lindowhich was connected to the upcoming MCU blade Rebooting at one point, although it's not clear if he's still involved after several delays and rewrites.


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While the character details of Steinfeld's character are still unknown, the new report could shed some light on the other roles. The film is reportedly set in the Jim Crow-era South and somehow involves vampires and possibly other supernatural phenomena. There are also rumors that Jordan will play dual roles as twin characters, while Mosaku will reportedly play a love interest. Jack O'Connell (Skins) is also part of the cast and is rumored to be playing a racist antagonist.

Hailee Steinfeld gets her next big role

Hailee Steinfeld starred as Kate Bishop in the Disney+ and Marvel Studios series Hawkeye. She reprized the role with a special appearance in the 2023 film The wondersand there are rumors that Steinfeld could return as a character for a Young Avengers Project. It's not the only experience she's had with the role of a Marvel superhero, as he also provides the voice of Spider-Gwen in the animated series Spider-Verse Films. Steinfeld also voices a lead role in the hit Netflix series Arcane and has appeared in the films Romeo and Juliet, bumblebeeand that Pitch perfect Series.


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“I’m definitely excited about it,” Steinfeld said last year about her desire to return to the MCU. “I’m so ready to get back at it. I'm excited to be back on set with people who do what I do and who love what we do. I feel such a sense of belonging when I'm on set and a feeling of home and I just love it.”

The Ryan Coogler-directed Supernatural film doesn't have a set release date yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The cast of Hawkeye in the series' promo art


The series is based on the Marvel Comics superhero Hawkeye and revolves around the adventures of young Avenger Kate Bishop, who took on the role after original Avenger Clint Barton.

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November 24, 2021

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