YouTube Music mobile apps now have an activity notification feed


If you're a music lover who relies heavily on YouTube Music for your playlist needs, you're in for a treat. The platform is finally getting its own “Activity” feed, keeping you updated on the latest releases from your favorite artists.

This feature was spotted earlier this year and again recently by 9to5Google. It adopts the familiar bell icon that we all know and love from the main YouTube app. However, on YT Music, the bell serves a slightly different purpose. Its function is to inform you about current drops and other activities from artists you have subscribed to. This notification bell is located in the top left of the search button on the Home tab.

Photo credit: 9to5Google

The activity feed itself is a simple, visually appealing timeline. Each update includes an image of the artist and their release artwork, followed by a snappy line like “X has released a new single X track.” The publications are clearly organized so you can quickly switch between “This Week” and “Previous” publications.

With this feature, YouTube Music wants to make following artists even easier. They have a “Suggested for you” list tailored to your listening history. Additionally, you can always go to the Library tab, click the Artist filter, and select Subscriptions to get a comprehensive view of your selections.

Please note that you must actively subscribe to artists to truly use this feed. Oddly enough, podcast episode alerts aren't integrated into this activity feed, which feels like a missed opportunity. Hopefully this will be added later, especially considering Google Podcasts has since been shut down.

The good news is that this update is rolling out widely, so there's a good chance it will show up soon. Updates are provided server-side. However, if you are impatient, try force stopping and restarting the YouTube Music app on Android or iOS. Unfortunately, web users are left out for now.