COSM 2023 Now on YouTube!


You can now watch the COSM Technology Summit 2023 on YouTube. If you were unable to attend or would like to revisit some of your favorite speakers, we are now releasing the second installment of videos for your enjoyment.

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COSM 2023 examined the nature of artificial intelligence and its future potential and risks.

Stephen Wolfram talked about his efforts to make the world more predictable so that computers can help us understand the world. George Gilder and Bob Metcalfe then had a fascinating discussion with him about Turing machines, neural networks and AI-driven language models.

A panel with William Dembski, Robert Marks and George Montanez offered three different perspectives on the limitations and possibilities of AI compared to those of the human mind. George Montanez, professor of computer science at Harvey Mudd College, expressed his view that artificial intelligence does not do this – and perhaps never! — exceed the capabilities of the human mind:

“If you locked ChatGPT in its own silicon room and told it to only produce outputs and you trained it to produce its own outputs, it would evolve very quickly. Whatever these systems do, it is different from what we as humans bring to the table. As systems they are impressive – extremely impressive – but in terms of rationality or consciousness they are not quite there yet. Will it ever get there?”

In a talk titled “AI for Good: Using AI to Address Complex Global Challenges,” Juan Lavista Ferres and Babak Parviz discussed the many ways AI can improve the world – from reducing child mortality to improving our healthcare to… Providing more accurate disaster assessments.

AI futurist Ray Kurzweil made one of the conference's boldest assessments of what the near future holds for AI capabilities:

“AI is exactly where it should be now to achieve human-level intelligence by 2029.” At the same time, once AI reaches human capabilities, it will overtake us in every way. . . .We will not be left behind. We will merge with the technology we develop and move forward into the future together.”

You can also watch backstage interviews where Senior Fellow Jay Richards goes into more detail with each speaker about the topics covered on stage.

Click here to go to the COSM 2023 playlist on YouTube.

We are pleased to release these for you. Keep an eye out for more videos!

Please save the date for COSM 2024: October 31st – November 1st in Bellevue, Washington!

COSM is an exclusive national summit on the converging technologies that are reshaping the world as we know it. The conference's mission is to stimulate debate and deliberation among industry leaders about the connections that animate these seemingly disparate areas of technology. Held at the Bellevue Hyatt, the summit highlights the synergy between Seattle and the world and provides a framework for civilized conversation and exchange.

COSM 2024 will be the TOPOCOSM: exploring the new science of technology, the theory of spaces and places, and the technological transformation it ushers in a largely confused and indifferent world.