Top 50 most viewed YouTube channels worldwide • Week of July 4th, 2024


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The start of a new month has brought a new face to the top five spots of the Global Top 50, but the chart-topper is the same one who topped the rankings at the end of March.

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This channel, like 15 other participants in the top 50, is from India. The world's most populous country is a driving force in YouTube Shorts, especially among families.

Chart topper

Anaya Kandhal is at the top of the Global Top 50 for the second time in a row. The child star from India was able to start April, where she ended in March with a flourish 642.3 million weekly views. This was an increase of 8% from Kandhal's previous chart peak. Thanks to their ability to appeal to India's vast Shorts community, the Kandhal family has now amassed more than 20 billion lifetime views on their flagship YouTube hub. Most of this traffic has occurred in recent years.

The next channel in the global top 50 is part of a wave of tool-focused content on YouTube Shorts. Craftsman vision hasn't been present in our charts for as many weeks as similar channels like MaviGadget and Tool Items, but after collecting it has now reached the absolute top spot #2 581.8 million weekly views. The Hong Kong-based hub has only been active on YouTube for about a year, but has already racked up more than three billion lifetime views. It's an efficient approach that the channel's smart subjects will appreciate.

This week is one of the rare occasions where T series is not in the No. 1 or No. 2 position. The Indian record label has fallen to third place after losing 11% of its traffic week-on-week. Even if we take this decline into account, T-Series viewership on its main channel remains huge. A seven-day total was released 521.9 million weekly viewsThis makes it one of only four channels with more than 500 million views this week. T-Series remains the most viewed and subscribed channel in YouTube history.

Sierra & Rhia FAM has achieved a top 5 ranking in the Global Top 50 for the third time in a row. The Canadian family channel has become the top YouTube Shorts draw in its home country. Like the No. 1 channel in the chart, Sierra & Rhia specializes in family-oriented content with global appeal. By engaging parents and children around the world, Sierra & Rhia have grown 519.3 million weekly viewswhich was high enough to secure us fourth place in our global ranking.

MrBeast rounds out this week's global top 5. The main channel runs from Jimmy Donaldson increased its traffic by 32% week-on-week, reaching the value 496.3 million weekly views.

Top winner

Boris and Kate are the newest family founders who come from Russia with love. The married Slavic YouTube stars are the title characters of BorisKateFamily, a channel that is climbing into the top 50 in the world.

With their focus on skits and consistent upload schedule, Boris and Kate employ many of the same strategies used by other chart-topping family channels like Anaya Kandhal and Sierra & Rhia FAM. Their brand of entertainment for all ages focuses on sharp storytelling. The average BorisKateFamily video only lasts a few seconds, but in that time the couple and their son experience a roller coaster ride full of twists and plot developments.

Sometimes the plot of a BorisKateFamily short is little more than a life hack that feeds (and entertains) children. But the two shorts with the most views on the channel both feature situations that dramatically change the fates of the characters. One of these clips tries to portray pregnancy as weight gain, which is definitely weird. The end result, however, is moral redemption for Boris's sleazy husband.

The videos mentioned in the previous paragraph are three of five BorisKateFamily short films with at least 100 million lifetime views. Supported by these (and other) uploads, the Russian broadcaster achieved the Place 10 in the global top 50. The 447.3 million weekly views it received represented a Increase of 33% week-on-week.

With a repeat appearance next week, Boris and Kate will hit the six billion view mark on their primary YouTube channel. They only launched this channel last April, but it already reaches almost eight million subscribers. Family content is easy The big on YouTube Shorts.

Channel distribution

Here's a breakdown of this week's 50 most-watched channels by their countries of origin:

  • India: 16 channels in the top 50.
  • United States: 11 channels in the top 50.
  • Russia: 5 channels in the top 50.
  • Hong Kong: 3 channels in the top 50.
  • Canada, South Korea, And Vietnam: 2 channels in the top 50.
  • Bangladesh, Belgium, El Salvador, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, Peru, Türkiye, And United Arab Emirates: 1 channel each in the top 50.

This week, 38 channels Shorts in the top 50 are primarily active on YouTube.

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