YouTube introduces Shopping Collections to help creators sell their favorite products


A YouTube shopping collection


YouTube is rolling out new features designed to make it easier for users to buy and sell products on its website. On Tuesday, the company announced Shopping Collections, which allows creatives to curate assortments of items for sale, either from their favorite third-party brands or from their own stores.

With the YouTube Studio app for iOS or Android, you can now choose a selection of products based on specific themes and other concepts. The collections you select will appear in your product list, Store tab, and video description. Currently, you can only set up a collection using the Studio mobile app, but YouTube promises that it will soon be possible on the website as well.

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To show off a shopping collection in action or to inspire you to cook your own collection, Google has included three examples in its blog post. Spring Nail Must-Haves from the LongHairPrettyNails collection showcases nail polishes and gels, Preppy Essentials by Sydney Morgan promotes skin care and makeup products, and Sephora Savings Event Must Haves by Johnny Ross takes you to Sephora's personal care and beauty products.

As a shopper, when you click on a product, you are taken to its page on a retailer's website where you can purchase it online.

Although YouTube is traditionally known for sharing videos, the site has recently been pushing online shopping. In 2023, people watched more than 30 billion hours of shopping-related videos on YouTube and spent 25% more time watching such videos, according to the blog post.

This trend goes beyond YouTube. TikTok has also encouraged its users to buy and sell items directly. The company allows creators to link products on their profiles so users can view and purchase them through TikTok Shop.

Aside from the new collections, YouTube has also added more shopping features. A new affiliate hub accessible in the YouTube app now helps creators find shopping partners, search for the best commission rates, take advantage of promo codes and even request samples from many brands.

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Additionally, all Shopping creators can now tag products in their videos in bulk based on the creators' descriptions of those items. YouTube introduced this option in 2023, but until now it was only available to affiliate shopping creators.

Finally, YouTube has added Fourthwall to its list of integrated platforms, making it easier for creators to set up and manage their stores in YouTube Studio.