The new tankini trend shows how people are becoming social media zombies – The Central Trend



A TikTok from a girl reminding people to use their free will

When I open any social media platform, my feed is filled with video after video of people talking about “Tankini Summer.”

Girls all over the internet are complaining that they “have” to wear tankinis this summer. They say they would be embarrassed if they were the only people wearing a bikini at the pool or beach, but they've spent so much time in the gym perfecting their summer bodies and hundreds of dollars on their bikini collection spent, so they don't want to wear the tankinis that are “in”.

Until I searched for the tankini videos, only negative posts appeared in my feed. I haven't seen a single girl say that she is participating in this trend or is excited about tankinis. I started seeing girls coming forward and reminding people that they can wear whatever they want and in the words of many girls: We have free will.

Having just returned from spring break, I can assure everyone that girls still use their free will and still wear bikinis. But in my search for more tankini videos, there are people who follow this trend and they look stunning just like every girl looks stunning in bikini.

Trends are nothing must take part in it.

In the words of many girls: We have free will.

This tankini fad highlights how much pressure there is on people, especially girls, to fit in on social media. Girls are expected to be in the know and follow all the trends and be pretty and perfect, but that's not real life; They are edited videos and images that portray the good and not the bad.

Something good can come from the discourse about tankinis. He shows girls that they don't have to follow all trends. Everyone has a choice in their life and can decide for themselves what they want to wear. It shows that social media is fun but not real.

The tankinis also show older girls reverting to a younger mindset or trying to act younger. I've seen countless videos comparing young teens in Sephora to older teens wearing bows and no-makeup makeup looks.

Social media and COVID have stolen many people's youth, and many girls are now realizing the cost of that and are trying to act younger and recapture some of the joy of youth. It started with flirty bows and baby pink, and now it's wearing tankinis.

If this trend has shown me anything, it's that I need to step back from social media and remember what I like. I have to form my own opinion and not let people I don't know influence my decisions so much. I should buy what I want based solely on what I like or enjoy. Being influenced isn't a bad thing, but finding a happy medium between exercising our freedom of choice and following a trend like a zombie with no brain is key to keeping social media from destroying our self-esteem.

So wear a tankini or not. We all have free will.