NBC Sports aims to generate more than $1.25 billion in advertising sales for the Paris Olympics


With just 108 days left before the Olympic cauldron is lit in Paris, NBC Sports has secured a near-record $1.2 billion in advertising commitments – and the orders continue to pour in. According to NBC sales chief Dan Lovinger, the 2024 Summer Games are “on track to generate the highest advertising revenue in Olympic history,” suggesting the Comcast-owned media giant is on track to generate more than $1 in revenue .25 billion US dollars.

“We are very confident that we will set a new revenue record,” said Lovinger, who serves as president of Olympic and Paralympic partnerships at NBCUniversal. The chief executive went on to say that NBCU's summer trip was boosted by an “undisputed resurgence of interest” in the event as it recovers from the impact of a global pandemic that delayed the Tokyo Games for a full year.

Despite the malaise surrounding last summer's quadrennial celebration, NBCU set a sales record in Japan three years ago.

Lovinger said about $350 million worth of Paris inventory was snapped up by first-time Olympic advertisers. The sales director also pointed out that the opening and closing ceremonies are now completely sold out on all linear TV and digital platforms, while half-time spots in team sports such as basketball and football are quickly snapped up.

A key selling point this time was NBCU's new “Prime Pods” offering, a dozen exclusive primetime windows that offer sponsors the opportunity to own a half-hour of nightly Olympics coverage. Lovinger's team first came to market with the 13 Prime Pods about a year ago, and while NBCU hasn't identified the brands that have bought into the neat segments, it's likely that deep-pocketed official Olympic sponsors like Coca -Cola, Procter & Co. Gamble, Toyota and Visa would be among the buyers.

In addition to the more favorable time gap between Paris and New York, NBC's deliveries are expected to be improved by a more aggressive streaming strategy. For the first time, all live events can be streamed on Peacock, which now has over 31 million subscribers – a 55% improvement compared to the Tokyo Games.

Categories that helped boost sales in Paris include retail, financial services, consumer goods and entertainment. In the meantime, fans of gymnastics, swimming, track and field and other sports should be spared from much of the overtly political messaging that clogs the airwaves during an election cycle, since the vast majority of these purchases are made at the local level.

In other words, Paris should prove to be a largely impartial event. “We really intend for these games to be red, white and blue. [and] not red or blue,” Lovinger said.

NBC is in the midst of a $7.75 billion rights deal with the International Olympic Committee that will run through 2032.