The Bulls' Billy Donovan's connection to his job at Kentucky doesn't hold much significance


The connection between Bulls coach Billy Donovan and the Kentucky job opening makes sense.

After all, before becoming a legend in Gainesville, Donovan was an assistant coach to Rick Pitino at Kentucky from 1989 to 1994.

However, that's where the rumor dies down.

First, a source told the Sun-Times on Tuesday that there had been no communication from the school with Donovan following John Calipari's reported departure.

Second, since leaving Florida in 2015, Donovan has spoken publicly about the difference between the NBA game and college basketball, stating multiple times that the college game has evolved completely differently than what goes on in the pros .

If you add in the transfer portal and NIL, as well as the appreciation of Donovan by the current Bulls front office, the likelihood of Donovan leaving the Bulls is vanishingly small.

And it's not like he's going to be kicked out anytime soon.

Donovan's current contract has two years remaining, and while the front office and Bulls ownership didn't value Donovan, CEO Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't like paying money for fired coaches.

A source recently said that Reinsdorf – who is also chairman of the White Sox – knew manager Pedro Grifol had put together a red-hot season by mid-summer 2023, but he wanted to wait at least a year so the dead money wasn't available. It's not that big of a success.