UConn Huskies' Dan Hurley says there's “no way” he's going to Kentucky basketball


Dan Hurley was always an underdog for the Kentucky Wildcats, but it was still a shot that Mitch Barnhart had to make.

Still, it's probably time to move on.

After UConn defeated Purdue in the national title game, Hurley was asked about the opening at Kentucky, which prevailed on Sunday and was “the” headline on Monday.

As you can imagine, Hurley wasn't happy about John Calipari's move to Arkansas, which took the focus away from the biggest game of the season.

Hurley later addressed Kentucky directly, indicating that he did not want to uproot his family and take such a step.

“Oh my God, Kentucky or somewhere further away from New Jersey,” Hurley said. “I mean, we just drove to Rhode Island, where I had to tow her, and then to Connecticut. I brought her closer. And now what next? I can't afford a divorce at the moment either. I just started making money.”

When Hurley was further pressured in the Kentucky opener, he failed completely.

“Absolutely not,” Hurley told The Athletic.

Of course, coaches have to say things like that, especially after winning them all, but it's still very hard to imagine Kentucky doing anything other than helping Hurley get a raise at UConn.