YouTube comedy group Dude Perfect receives $100 million in backing from Highmount Capital | News


Dude Perfect released their first video in 2009

US comedy group Dude Perfect, which has built a YouTube following of around 60 million subscribers with its sports-related video content, has secured a $100 million investment from private investment firm Highmount Capital.

As part of the strategic partnership, Dude Perfect will use the capital injection to build a management team, expand its range of projects, “expand beyond traditional platforms” and open its headquarters in Frisco, Texas, where the group is based.

The headquarters will be used for content creation, community events with sports personalities, a retail store, and spaces for podcasts and gaming. The group is also planning a multi-city international tour and will launch their own Dude Perfect streaming app. Additionally, she will be the focus of an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary titled “Dude Perfect: A Very Long Shot,” which will premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival in April.

The five-member group, known for family-friendly content in sports, has already built a solid revenue stream through partnerships in food and beverage, retail, merch and live events.

The members – Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton and Coby Cotton – released their first video in 2009 and since then their YouTube channel has racked up more than 17.2 billion video views.

Some of her most popular videos focus on “trick shots” using items like water bottles, ping pong balls, and toy airplanes. Individual videos were viewed 461 million, 321 million and 255 million times respectively.

The deal with New York-based Highmount is further evidence of more traditional investment flowing into the YouTube creator space, and follows Amazon's $100 million deal with YouTube Creator MrBeast and his production company.

Highmount Capital said it is focused on “early growth stage and mid-market investments in transformative technology, media and growth-oriented platforms.”

Jason Illian, co-founder and general partner at Highmount Capital, said: “The Dudes have truly captured the hearts and minds of the next generation by pioneering the new creator-led media space and expanding far beyond video and traditional channels.”

“In addition to creating content that garners billions of views each year, an impressive feat in itself, the Dudes have built something even more valuable, trust – trust with families, brands and consumers of all ages and backgrounds.”