Chrono24 introduces the used watch authentication program


Karlsruhe, Germany – Watch market Chrono24 has introduced a new authentication program for used timepieces called “Certified”.

The program is currently running in Europe and the rollout in the USA is planned for early summer.

Buyers can now browse a selection of certified, authentic pre-owned watches on the website.

These watches are marked with a green “C” symbol, which means that a watch has either already been certified or can be certified as an additional option.

Every certified watch comes with a digital certificate of authenticity.

The program is available for used watches priced over €1,000 ($1,085) from professional and private sellers.

The certification process includes an authenticity check of the watch as well as its box and papers by a certified watchmaker.

There are two ways to certify a watch on the platform.

The certification of a watch can primarily be carried out by an “experienced, certified and regularly inspected watchmaker,” according to the company, which is located near a verified dealer and commissioned by Chrono24. This occurs prior to listing and is free to the buyer.

The second option is that a watch sold by a private seller can be certified by a watchmaker at a certification center before it reaches the buyer.

The optional service costs €199 ($216) and includes insured shipping with a processing time of two to five business days.

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The watchmakers check the watch using a comprehensive checklist, says Chrono24, and follow a standardized authentication process.

The inspection includes a theft check where the serial number is checked against databases of stolen watches.

A functional test ensures that the complications, winding, chronograph, etc. are working properly. To do this, the case base must be opened.

An authenticity check verifies whether the watch meets Chrono24's definition of authenticity, which is explained in detail on the Chrono24 website.

Watchmakers also ensure that the box and papers, if any, match the reference.

If these tests are passed, a certificate of authenticity will be issued containing information about the condition of the watch and any aftermarket parts.

If there is a difference between the offer and the watch itself, Chrono24 will inform the buyer so that he or she can decide on the purchase.

Chrono24 notes that watch purchases on its website are protected by its existing “Buyer Protection” program, regardless of “Certified” status.

Watch listings on the platform are verified by in-house watch experts as part of the “Authentication Protection” commitment.

Payment will be held in escrow until the buyer confirms that he is satisfied with the purchase, i.e. within 14 days if purchased from a professional seller or within seven days if purchased from an individual.

Buyers have 14 days to make a return and will receive their money back if a watch does not arrive as described by the seller.