CryptoSearch Download 2024 [FREE]


Ransomware has become more sophisticated over time and demands money via, among other things, cryptocurrencies.

It's important to stay on top of things and find the affected files before they spread further.

Here you can download CryptoSearch and scan and clean your computer of encrypted ransomware files from various ransomware families, as well as copy and move files to a new location.

Search for ransomware files and move them to a safe location. Then you can try to have it decrypted by a professional.

Download CryptoSearch

CryptoSearch Download
developer Michael Gillespie

How do I use CryptoSearch?

1. Extract the CryptoSearch file to a folder.

2. Launch CryptoSearch from the folder.

CryptoSearch DownloadCryptoSearch Download

3. Go to file > Update network. This will load the latest ransomware data from the server.

CryptoSearch scanningCryptoSearch scanning

4. Choose Ransomware and select the ransomware you want the app to search for on your computer. We have selected TeslaCrytp4.0 as an example here.

Then click on Seek to start the scan.

CryptoSearch DownloadCryptoSearch Download

You can see the details of the encrypted files in the results box below. All details will be visible after the scan is completed.

CryptoSearch features

  • CryptoSearch automatically searches for files and then moves the affected items to a folder.
  • Works with the ID Ransomware service by searching online for the latest ransomware on your computer.
  • It directly searches the system's local database and moves a copy of the encrypted files to another folder.

Can you decrypt files encrypted by ransomware?

Decrypting files encrypted by ransomware is generally very difficult without a specific decryption key. There are some tools available for certain types of ransomware, but their success is not guaranteed.

Paying the ransom is very risky and we advise against it. Professional support and special decryption tools are the best way.

Is CryptoSearch Safe to Use?

We had the same question the first time because the app's official website was not available.

So we searched VirusTotal and here is the report which is clean without being detected by any major antivirus.

Then we continued with the extraction and launched CryptoSearch like a normal app. Windows Defender did not report any suspicious activity. So far it is a normal app with no warning signals.

Start using CryptoSearch

CryptoSearch hasn't been updated in a while, so you can expect some problems while using it.

Start searching for ransomware with CryptoSearch. Depending on your instructions, it scans the entire computer or a specific directory.

Ransomware is generally spread over the Internet. Therefore, be sure to avoid downloading files from suspicious sources.

Additionally, always keep your antivirus program enabled to prevent ransomware from sneaking into your computer.