YouTuber “Dude Perfect” closes nine-figure private equity financing deal


Online Internet personality group “Dude Perfect” has raised more than $100 million to expand its reach and create more content, the company announced Monday.

Founded more than a decade ago, Dude Perfect creates videos and other content focused on sports and humor and has built a significant following with viral YouTube videos and clips.

According to the announcement, the group received a nine-figure funding injection from Highmount Capital, a private equity investment firm focused on technology and media platforms.

“By partnering with Highmount Capital, we hope to add gas to the fire and turn the Dude Perfect fun that families have seen on screens for the last 15 years into real-world products and unforgettable experiences that they can actually touch and feel “yourself,” co-founder Coby Cotton said in a statement.

Cotton told Axios that the group plans to use the money to build a management team and expand its team of about 25 people. The company is interested in expanding its international business and translating some of its content into other languages.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Dude Perfect” generated revenue of about $25 million in 2022, up from about $20 million the previous year.

Highmount's investment in the Internet influencer group is the latest example of private equity money pouring millions into new forms of online, streaming and new media.

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