TikTok takes aim at Instagram with new TikTok Notes app


TikTok is ready to take on Instagram in photo sharing with its new app TikTok Notes. The company sent a notification to the users and informs them that this new app focused on photo posts will be launched soon. Users' existing public photo posts on TikTok would be shared to TikTok Notes by default. However, you have the option to opt out of having your images published on the new platform.

When TechCrunch Upon further investigation, a temporary website was discovered at that showed what the TikTok Notes interface might look like. It appeared that users could upload photos and write captions to their images. This suggests that TikTok Notes aims to compete directly with the Meta-owned app.

TikTok Notes targets Instagram with automatic profile imports

In a statement, a TikTok spokesperson confirmed that the company is “looking at ways for creators to showcase photos and text in its ecosystem.” However, they did not give a timetable for the launch. This is consistent with previous findings from Android app code that indicated TikTok was working on a standalone “TikTok Photos” app last month.

This app was first discovered through an APK deep dive into the latest version of the app. execution 33.8.4 The TikTok app contained clues that pointed to an app called TikTok Photos. However, newer signs suggest it will be called TikTok Notes.

Now, with in-app notifications and a temporary website, it's clear that TikTok Notes could be the official name. By pre-populating the new app with users' existing TikTok photos, TikTok Notes could quickly gain a large initial user base. By being able to transfer its audience from TikTok, TikTok Notes also has the potential to compete with Instagram.

Meanwhile, TikTok appears to be incentivizing creators to post horizontal videos longer than a minute. Creators like @candicedchap and @kenlyealtumbiz have received such a request. In the solicitation, TikTok says it will “boost” such videos within 72 hours of publication.

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April 9, 2024