Is Windows 7 coming back? A new build with changes appears on the network: here's how to download it


While there are still some who continue to work with this system in one way or another, the truth is that it is not recommended at all. Microsoft no longer offers official support for this version of Windows has been around for a long time and can be considered a vulnerable and poorly functioning operating system.

What's new in this version of Windows 7?

Despite everything, there are still many who continue to miss him. Therefore, exactly what we are going to tell you below, because now a new Windows 7 build with some interesting changes and fully updated integrated software. As it couldn't be otherwise, the most striking thing about all this is that a new compilation of Windows 7 has appeared on the Internet, years after it was officially withdrawn from the market.

Among the new sections that we will find in the compilation that we have mentioned, it is worth highlighting that some applications have been updated. Here we are referring to the popular WordPad, Paint and Calculator, among others. Considering Microsoft completely ended support for Windows 7 more than four years ago, it remains one of the most missed Windows.

It is not for nothing that this version of the operating system has fascinated millions of people around the world and is considered one of the most popular in history. Now an X user tells us about this new version, specifically build 6758 with some interesting versions.

Here we find, for example, the popular Paint retouching application, but completely renewed. At the same time, this compilation also eliminates the desktop gadgets that caused so much controversy at the time. We will no longer find them by default in this new Windows 7.

Applications such as Calculator or WordPad, on the other hand, receive a new, much more modern ribbon interface. Also the Windows Media Player It is also updated to be able to enjoy our multimedia content from here. Assume that this unofficial update includes the x64 server version of the operating system.

Windows 7 versions

How to download the renewed version of Windows 7

Maybe some of you, especially anyone who still wants to use Windows 7, would like to download this new compilation. Even if it is not particularly recommended to use it regularly in our daily life with the computer, we can download and install it to take a look. Furthermore, I'm sure you find it curious Interface renewal of the system and some of its most legendary applications.

Windows 7 language

Well, you can download it directly from the same link. This is provided to us by friends Internet Archive website, so it's real. Here we have the opportunity Download the ISO image In a direct way. This allows us, for example, to load it into a virtual machine to take a look at this new Windows 7.