Tesco shoppers are furious at TikTok user who claims to earn £250 an hour by swapping shares


Tesco shoppers have expressed their dismay at a man who claims he earns £250 an hour by stocking supermarket shelves. The individual, along with his friends, targeted Tesco stores to buy up products in bulk, claiming they could make a big profit by reselling the items.

A TikTok user called @aftermarketarbitrage posted a video explaining how he earns “over £250 an hour at Tesco” by buying certain stationery items and reselling them online at a higher price. While the video drew some admiration for the user's money-making, many described the practice as “sad,” suggesting it takes advantage of other consumers.

The user responded in the comments section and revealed that they use “Buybotgo” to offload their inventory, with one person comparing the method to “drop shipping but with more steps.”

The footage showed the group busily filling their baskets and searching for items that would bring them profit. They particularly focused on pink calculators, which sold for £7.50 each and could reportedly be resold for £18, promising an “83% return on investment”, reports Birmingham Live.

According to a report in the Mirror, one of the group members boasted about the high demand for these items, saying they had a monthly sales volume of over 2,600 units.

They also focused on black calculators, which offered a smaller but still significant profit margin of £4.24 or 56%. The footage showed them emptying the shelves.

Two quick-thinking shoppers have boasted of making a quick profit by buying up Tesco's stock of calculators and reselling them online at a higher price. They boasted that it only took 15 minutes to clear the shelves in one store before moving on to another location to continue their tour. There they discovered calculators priced at £15 that were “sold for £33”, giving them a hefty 72% profit margin.

After showing off their haul in a video, they revealed a £331 win by flipping their calculator, which required “around 45 minutes of snooping around and another 20 minutes preparing for collection by UPS.”