This film by Mads Mikkelsen is one of the best modern westerns



  • The Western genre has made a major comeback in modern times with many highly acclaimed films and shows.
  • The Salvation is a true modern Western that is vastly underrated.
  • Mads Mikkelsen once again proves his star power and why he deserves more mainstream roles in “The Salvation.”

Westerns have been a popular area of ​​cinema since the early days of Hollywood, with the Wild West being a recent memory for the early pioneers of the film industry. John Ford, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone are among the many creators who helped shape the genre. While many consider the mid-20th century to be the Golden Age of the Western, there are many brilliant contemporaries – including an underrated Mads Mikkelsen film.

The Western genre has been a reliable source of great entertainment for decades, particularly thanks to its use of popular themes and tropes. Whether it's the lone gunfighter protecting the townspeople from local tyrants or lawmen bringing justice to criminals, the Old West is a place that continues to captivate and captivate audiences. These films often succeed on small budgets and benefit from character-driven stories, beautiful scenery, and old-school gunplay. In 2014, Mads Mikkelsen starred in an underrated film: The rescue, considered both a hidden gem and a modern masterpiece. The 2010s saw a revival in the Western genre, and this is one of many films to prove it.

The 2010s quietly revived the Western genre


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The best westerns since Tombstone (according to CBR)

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#1 – Real courage


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The 2010s contain a surprising number of brilliant Westerns and are arguably the genre's best decade since the 1960s. Starting with the Coen brothers Real courage, the decade got off to a great start. Other films, such as Enemies, bone tomahawk, And Hell or high water explored the themes and tropes of the genre, from neo-Western to horror. The genre was promoted not least by the arrival of Quentin Tarantino Django Unchained And The hateful eight He presents his signature film style set in the Wild West. Despite the box office flop, Disney invested in the reboot of The Lone Ranger showed that the studio recognized the growing potential of the genre. Even LoganAlthough it is a superhero film, it is, at its core, a western.

The Western genre was revived not only in the cinema but also on television. Start with JustifiedTheir fans were then treated to shows like Longmire And bansheewith The Mandalorian And Yellowstone then to real modern classics. The love of neo-Westerns continued into the 2020s thanks to the Yellowstone Spin-off shows, the revival of Justified And The last of us, which is partly written like a cross-border western epic. All of these projects are a testament to the continued popularity and versatility of the Western genre. While there were some popular westerns in the 2000s, such as: Dead wood And 3:10 To Yumatheir presence paled in comparison to previous decades of comedies, superhero films and action-dominated cinema.

Westerns were practically the forerunner of the action genre, and the leading actors of the '50s and '60s gained their reputation as tough guys through their on-screen adventures in the Wild West. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were among the biggest stars of their respective generations, and both gained dark personalities through Westerns. Even many of the earliest modern action films felt more like neo-Westerns, especially Eastwood's Dirty Harry. The genre's core elements have proven timeless and have been adopted into genres such as action, thrillers and even some science fiction films.

How The Salvation puts its own spin on the Old West

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Redemption


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Westerns that defined the genre (according to CBR)

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#1 – Lunch


#2 – The Magnificent Seven


#3 – Outlaw Josey Wales


The rescue tells the story of Jon Jensen, a Danish settler and war veteran who, after seven years in America, reunites with his wife Marie and son Kresten, who have traveled to join him. However, when two gunmen in their stagecoach target Marie, Jon is thrown from the carriage and later discovers his family's murdered bodies. As he seeks revenge, the settler inadvertently draws the wrath of notorious outlaw Henry Delarue, who happened to be the brother of one of the men. With his own brother at his side, Jon travels to a nearby town, Black Creek, to sell his land, where the people under Delarue's thumb hand him over.

After Jon's brother Peter is bound to a slow death, he escapes from his prison cell and knocks Jon out, causing the two to flee into the night. After sleeping off his injuries and exhaustion, Jon wakes up to find that his brother has been killed by Delarue's gang, leaving him truly alone. From there he sets out to plan his revenge. When he returns to the abandoned town that serves as the outlaws' base of operations, Jensen begins his campaign of revenge against the murderers. Aided by the honest people of the border, all of whom have a grudge against Delarue, he recovers from his injuries and arms himself, leading to a MiddayShowdown in style.

A Danish production, The rescue feels like a modern spaghetti western, with Mikkelsen playing the classic underrated and quiet tough guy role perfected throughout the genre. The film pulls no punches in depicting the violent, repressive and corrupt nature of America's western frontier. Every single character in the film stands out as a realistic, characterful person, be it the fearful undertaker, the traumatized Madelaine or the broken and violent Delarue. One of the best features of the film is the suspense as the powerful villain gradually reveals to the audience how despicable and violent he is.

Redemption captures the brutality of the West

Henry Delarue and Madelaine sit at a table in The Salvation


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Real courage

The rescueLike many classic westerns, it is a story of revenge and justice. After classics like Shane, Once upon a time in the West, And Outlaw Josey Wales, the film plays up the brutality of the Wild West. Even what the small audience learns about the film's villain, Delarue, shows that he was once a good man driven to violence by the harshness of the era. His sister-in-law Madelaine became mute after a Native American attack in which her parents died and her tongue was cut out. The opening scene with Delarue's brother in the stagecoach shows how violent the West was, where violence and threats were the law of the land. Even many of the innocent characters, such as the people of Black Creek, have been shown to have been corrupted by Delarue's influence. Even though they secretly want to get rid of him, they still obey his will.

The rescue went unnoticed by even many die-hard Western fans, despite an impressive cast with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Eve Green in the lead roles alongside Mikkelsen. The character of Jon Jensen is a combination of characters from western and action films such as John Wick, Josey Wales and Harmonica, as a quiet man whose violent past is revived by his search for revenge. In this way, the film utilizes some of the genre's best tropes to tell a story of tragedy, revenge, and frontier justice – all ingredients for a great Western.

Mads Mikkelsen has an impressive selection of underrated films


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Despite his rise to fame through projects like Casino Royale, HannibalFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Mads Mikkelsen's best films continue to be ignored by the mainstream. Be it the Viking thriller Valhalla Risingthe action/thriller Polar, or The rescueThe Danish icon has more than proven that she is a brilliant leading man. However, since many of his best performances come in smaller indie productions, he remains unnoticed and is often relegated to the role of villain or supporting actor in Hollywood projects.

The rescue is one of the Western's best revenge stories and deserves to stand alongside them Django Unchained And Real courage when it comes to genre. All core elements, from Jeffrey Dean Morgan's portrayal of an intense criminal to Mikkelsen's role as a compassionate, vengeful family man, provide a realistic, gritty look at the era. There are many brilliant Wild West stories to choose from in the 2010s, and this hidden gem is just one of many stories that have been overlooked. Both as a revenge story and as a historical piece, The rescue is considered one of the greatest modern Westerns in existence.

The Salvation movie poster

The rescue

In 1870s America, the fury of a notorious gang leader is unleashed when a peaceful American settler avenges the death of his family. When his cowardly fellow citizens betray him, he is forced to hunt down the outlaws alone.

Kristian Levring

Release date
February 27, 2015

Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Eric Cantona

92 minutes