Ryan Gosling plays another Ken in Street Fighter movie fan art


Fans love Ryan Gosling's Ken so much that they wish he would play other characters outside of Barbieland. A commandment has one Street fighter catch pit Barbie's Gosling on the other hand warrioris Andrew Koji in a Ryu vs. Ken Masters match.

Ryan Gosling's Ken has earned his place as Barbieland's most memorable character. Gosling's appearance in Barbie made him more popular with fans, many of whom probably adored him at first La La Land. The actor has proven his chivalrous skills not only in the role but also in real life (in 2011, the actor went viral for breaking up a real street brawl). It could just be a coincidence, but it is Street fighter The fan finally saw the stars unite and remembered Gosling as Ken Masters in a dream duel. User @BossLogic shared his concept art on social media and received immediate support from fans.


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The X post shared a photo of Gosling as Ken Barbie And Street fighter rolled into one; The actor wears a red sleeveless keikogi and his “I Am Kenough” pendant. Even though the meme tries to poke fun at the absurdity of the concept, Gosling can actually play the role, having appeared in films like ” Drive, The big short filmAnd The nice guys. With his standard laid back demeanor, he would also be perfect as Ken Masters. In the post, BossLogic also suggested his bet for Gosling's rival: casting warrior Star Andrew Koji as Ryu. As expected, the comments on the post were hilarious; One user simply wrote: “He's just Ken,” while another remarked: “Please don't. We had too much Ryan Gosling.”

Ken in Mortal Kombat concept art

Fanfare about Gosling's casting since Ken started before Barbie broke into the cash register. User @Wrathtower expressed the same thing Street fighter Pour in 2022, when the first image of Gosling's Ken (by Barbie) dropped. User @diamondhead even imagined the actor as Johnny Cage in the upcoming film Mortal Kombat Sequel that probably shows up unannounced in the film just to inflict a “barbality” on an unsuspecting combatant. In keeping with his public persona, Gosling takes all the attention in stride; He fully supported the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon and supported Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig after the news of their rejection at the Oscars. At the event, he stole the show with his performance of “I’m Just Ken.”


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Gosling's next film is the 2024 action comedy The Guy case, which is loosely inspired by the 1980s television series about stunt actors. The film also stars Emily Blunt, Winston Duke, Stephanie Hsu, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hannah Waddingham and Lee Majors, who starred in the original series.

The Guy case Premiere in cinemas on May 3rd. Barbie is streaming on Prime Video and Max.

Source: X (formerly Twitter)

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