Supercar star Cam Waters makes his NASCAR debut and rams Ford into his teammate's car.


Australian driver Cameron Waters made his first appearance in NASCAR truck racing at the Martinsville race track. Unfortunately, his debut was cut short when he was involved in a collision between two other competitors, resulting in him only completing 176 laps rather than the full race distance.

Waters had high hopes of finishing in the top ten on his debut. With 100 laps to go he was in 12th place and seemed to be on track to achieve his goal. However, an unexpected incident caused him to collide with his teammate and end his race early.

As a result of the collision, Waters' Ford car engine began to smoke and he was forced to retire from the race just 23 laps before the checkered flag. The impact was so violent that his locomotive resembled an old coal train and released smoke and steam.

The race in Martinsville was eventful, with several accidents occurring during the 200 laps. Waters was involved in two of these chain accidents, which ultimately led to his resignation. Despite the disappointing result, he remained positive and focused on the excitement and fun he experienced during the race.

Waters, who started the race 22nd, was pleased with his progress throughout the race. Although he was new to the truck series format, he felt comfortable behind the wheel and was pleased with his performance. He believed that without the incident at the end of the race he could have achieved even more.

Although there were rumors that Waters would compete in the next race in Kansas, he denied those speculations. Despite ThorSport Racing team management's desire to have him back soon, Waters did not confirm his involvement.