After over 40 years, Blumhouse's new horror film could have been the perfect combination of two Spielberg classics



  • Blumhouses
    Night swimming
    didn't quite hit the mark critically and missed potential by not following Spielberg's classics more closely.
  • Blumhouse shines with innovative horror villains and unique spaces, making it a leading production company.
  • Despite its shortcomings
    Night swimming
    is promising in its atmosphere and setting, but could have been improved by the use of a horror comedy.


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Although Blumhouse's Night swimming wasn't a complete box office flop, its critical failure proves that it should have borrowed ideas from two Steven Spielberg films. The best Blumhouse villains have contributed to the company's reputation as one of the premier horror production companies. and Blumhouse also stands out for the creative premise behind many of their films. With the story for Megan 2.0 In development, Blumhouse demonstrates its ability to maintain its reputation as one of the best modern horror companies of its time.

Some of Blumhouse's most successful films have contributed to the horror genre by exploring themes not commonly seen in horror films of the past, such as race relations and political unrest in the United States. Although some films under Blumhouse's production banner are far more successful than othersThey all offer something special to the genre that only adds to its legacy. Although Bryce McGuire Night swimming In the end, she only earned $53 million worldwide (via Box office mojo), there's no denying that the premise was quite compelling. A horror film with a haunted swimming pool was promising, but it seems like the film should have taken a cue from some of Spielberg's classics.


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Night Swim could have brilliantly combined Steven Spielberg's Jaws and Poltergeist

Night Swim's lack of consistency is its biggest criticism

Blumhouses Night swimming couldn't live up to the expectations raised by the trailerand with the obvious homages to Jaw And poltergeistThe question arises as to why the filmmaker didn't get more involved in it Night swimmingis a mixture of the two Spielberg classics. Although Night swimmingThe atmospheric atmosphere and unique swimming pool setting give it a visual flair rarely found in horror films. However, the film's highlights ultimately end here, as the rest of the narrative relies too heavily on tired horror film clichés, which unfortunately drowns out the film in the existing oversaturated horror film market.

In addition, the characters are in Night swimming aren't particularly memorable, and the film's attempts at humor fail, making it even more obvious where the film could have improved. Jaw And poltergeist are considered classics by critics and most horror film viewers because of their ability to genuinely scare viewers despite their otherwise mundane settings. Night swimming would have benefited from a combination Jaw'Ability to create tension and claustrophobia poltergeistThe aesthetics and special effects are downright terrifying. The decision would have resulted in a more memorable film and would have been the perfect way to pay homage to the classics.

Film title

Worldwide box office

RT critics rating

RT viewer rating

Jaws (1975)

$477 million



Poltergeist (1982)

77 million dollars



Bryce McGuire's Night Swim was inspired by classic horror films by Steven Spielberg

The atmosphere of Night Swim is very similar to that of Jaws & Poltergeist

Amélie Hoeferle as Izzy Waller in Night Swim

Director Bryce McGuire quotes Jaw as an influence on Night swimming, and the film's setting, combined with its exploration of a terrifying creature terrorizing a large body of water, reinforces one of its greatest influences. Although most of the horror is in Jaw occurs during the day and Night swimmingBecause the film's horrific moments occur at night, both films address an often-neglected fear of the sea in a unique and interesting way. Despite Night swimmingThe poor critical receptionthe creative camera work and set design are clearly inspired by this Jawand they remain one of the film's greatest strengths.

Regarding the poltergeist influence on Night swimmingBoth films follow a similar plot structure, in which an optimistic family unknowingly moves into a new home that is haunted by demonic forces. Although poltergeistThe main setting is the Freeling House and Night swimmingSince it is the Waller's swimming pool, both families experience a series of demonic and unfortunate events. While the decision for Night swimming follow a similar structure as Jaw And poltergeist could have worked, it doesn't go beyond aesthetic similarity. However, one major change could have been improved Night swimming significant.


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1 One Big Change Could Have Helped Save Night Swim's Negative Reviews

“Night Swim” should have leaned more toward horror-comedy

Eve Waller falls into the pool while swimming at night to save Elliot

Night swimmingThe dramatic tone is probably its biggest weakness, and a switch to a more camp-friendly atmosphere could have significantly improved critical reception. The overtly dramatic and serious tone worked Jaw And poltergeist because of the time in which they were made. As more contemporary horror films like show Megan, Exit, Body, body, bodyAnd Ready or Not, horror and comedy go well together when both genres are given equal consideration. While Night swimmingThe idea of ​​a haunted or demonic swimming pool sounds ridiculous, but with the right approach it could have worked.

Night swimming
A horror comedy would have been a fresh and much appreciated take on the otherwise overly serious genre.

Which makes things worse Night swimming is that the film deals with comedy, demonstrated primarily by Wyatt Russell's Ray Waller, but it never really goes all the way to the end. Instead, the audience is treated to generic dialogue from the younger cast that is supposed to be sharp or funny but instead falters and bogs down the film. Manufacturing Night swimming A horror comedy would have been a fresh and much appreciated take on the otherwise overly serious genre. Instead, audiences are treated to a film that already has a challenging premise and, while not a complete failure, is not one of Blumhouse's best.

Source: Box Office Mojo

Night swimming temperature poster

Night swimming

Bryce McGuire

Release date
January 5, 2024

Atomic Monster, Blumhouse Productions, Universal Pictures

Kerry Condon, Wyatt Russell, Nancy Lenehan, Amélie Hoeferle, Jodi Long, Gavin Warren

116 minutes