Rep. Parkinson advances bill to restore citizenship rights


NASHVILLE State Representative Antonio Parkinson of Memphis has introduced a bill that would help restore citizenship rights to many deserving Tennesseans.

Currently, in Tennessee, certain convicted felons who have discharged their debts to society remain ineligible for basic civil rights, including the right to bear arms, serve on a jury, vote or run for political office, or serve as a fiduciary Act as financial advisor.

The legislation (HB2380) would provide a path to restoring rights for many who have turned their lives around and deserve citizenship. The measure also highlights the steps to restore voting rights that were taken before the recent Supreme Court decision, which led the state's elections commissioner to believe that to restore your right to vote, you must restore your gun rights.

Rep. Parkinson said, “While we still have more hurdles to overcome, the passage of House Bill 2380 out of the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee is a great first step toward eliminating the bureaucratic noise that stands in the way of our Tennesseans getting their legislation . “Rights back.”

The bill, supported by Senate Republicans, has already passed unanimously out of a Senate committee and is now ready to be added to the full Senate calendar. The next step in the House is for it to go before the full Criminal Justice Committee. If you would like to support the bill, you are asked to call, email, or visit members of the House Criminal Justice Committee and ask them to support and vote for HB2380 before it comes to a vote next week .