JOHNNY WINTER – Live at the Rockpalast: 1979 Pro-Shot concert streaming via YouTube


JOHNNY WINTER – Live at the Rockpalast: 1979 Pro-Shot concert streaming via YouTube

MIG Music has shared the concert video “Johnny Winter – Live At Rockpalast 1979”, which will be released on November 21st/22nd. It was filmed in April 1979 at the Grugahalle in Essen, Germany.

Rockpalast: “Johnny Winter arrived in Düsseldorf and immediately wanted to watch our Muddy Waters concert (1978) on the video recorder in my room. He was very nearsighted due to his albinism and sat about four inches from the screen and “I watched the show from start to finish in that position. He was fascinated by Muddy Waters and obviously very happy with our recording. Johnny said, “If you can handle a seven-piece band that well, then I don't think there's any need to rehearse.” We're just three men!' But of course that wasn't what producer Christian Wagner had in mind. We had planned a full day of rehearsals for Johnny and the other groups each. But when he went on stage, long after midnight, his tour manager asked me: “Can he play for two hours?” “Okay, let him,” I replied.

We and the WDR were very flexible back then when it came to live programs on the first broadcaster (ARD). We experienced the full power and flair of Johnny's guitar playing in long solos. He focused solely on the blues. But later, when the audience needed more movement and wanted some rock 'n' roll, he gave them what they wanted, e.g., “Johnny B. Goode” and “Jumping Jack Flash.” Patti Smith, who considered it an honor to be on stage with Johnny Winter, stood at the front of the stage with her clarinet in hand. She wanted to jam. But Johnny was so absorbed in his own music and feelings that he didn't notice.

The CD/DVD is available here.


“hiding place”
“Mess with the child”
“Walk alone”
“Mississippi Blues”
“Divin’ Duck”
“Johnny B. Goode”
“Suzie Q”
– drum solo –
“I'm ready”
“Rockabilly Boogie”
“Jumpin Jack Flash”

Johnny Winter – guitar/vocals
Jon Paris – bass
Bobby Torello – drums