Jon Jones controversy: Alleged death threats amid drug tests land UFC champ in trouble


Jon Jones made headlines, but recently it gained attention for the wrong reason. The UFC heavyweight champion allegedly made death threats to a person working for a drug testing agency while recovering from a shoulder injury. The threat to the drug tester did not end well as it attracted the attention of law enforcement.

Accordingly Sourcesthe drug tester from Drug-Free Sport International revealed that Jon Jones was in a drunken state and sent him death threats. In addition, “Bones” even snatched the drug tester’s cell phone. The incident occurred in Albuquerque in March and the tester didn't waste much time informing the local police department.

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The drug tester met with Albuquerque Police officers to explain what happened to Jon Jones and they have launched an investigation into the heavyweight champion's criminal act. “Bones” has had a history of legal troubles and many people thought he had changed over the years, but it seems like the GOAT of the UFC is still in trouble with the law. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this investigation will be.