MMA Event Breakdown: UFC Fight Night


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MMA Event Breakdown: UFC Fight Night – Allen vs. Curtis 2

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Lukasz Brzeski vs. Valter Walker

Fight odds: +190 Brzeski vs. -225 Walker
Weight class: 265 pounds. (heavyweight)

Valter Walker is apparently related to UFC Light heavyweight contender Johnny Walker, but you'd never know it just by looking at her as Valter is much portier and less dynamic than his older brother. Valter Walker is only 26 years old and is an undefeated professional with 11 wins and zero defeats in his promotion debut. Brzeski is 0-3 under UFC Banner, but he did well against the likes of Martin Buday (SDEC loss) and Karl Williams (competitive). UDEC Loss). The overall record of Brzeski's opponents was 11:2 UFCSo there's no great shame in losing those fights as he was an underdog in all three.

Now Brzeski is back as an underdog against a less proven opponent in Walker, who may be able to handle it UFC Shakes in his first fight. Walker has some upside in wrestling based on his footage, and Brzeski struggled against Williams, but if this fight stands, I think Brzeski is the quicker and more technical striker of the pair. Brzeski is also fighting for himself UFC Future, with three defeats in a row in promotion, so I expect a courageous performance from him.

Forecast: Lukasz Brzeski defeats Valter Walker by SDEC

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