YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho reports that the first person to expose Hwang Jung Eum's husband's extramarital affair was her son


YouTube reporter Lee Jin Ho claimed that it was Hwang Jung Eum's son who handed over her husband's secret cell phone, which contained all the evidence of his extramarital affair.

On April 4, Lee Jin Ho released a video about the recent incident between actress Hwang Jung Eum and a non-celebrity woman who accidentally called Hwang Jung Eum an innocent woman as her ex-husband's mistress.

That day, the YouTube reporter investigated in detail how Hwang Jung Eum discovered her husband's affair and what misunderstanding led her to falsely accuse someone else.

Hwang Jung Eum, who got married Lee Young Don in 2016 and shares two children with him, recently made headlines when she announced her intention to divorce. This is not the first time that Hwang Jung Eum has made her plans to separate from her husband public, attracting huge public attention. Despite a prior announcement, she eventually reconciled with her husband and it seemed like they had resolved their marital problems.

Recently, Hwang Jung Eum uploaded various posts suggesting that her husband cheated on her and that the reason for her divorce was her husband's affair. Then on April 4, Hwang Jung Eum shared a photo of a non-celebrity woman and referred to her as her ex-husband's mistress. However, it turned out that Hwang Jung Eum was wrong about the person and immediately apologized.

Lee Jin Ho reported that day: “I investigated why Hwang Jung Eun lost his temper and raged online. At the moment, it is difficult to confirm the exact reason why Hwang Jung Eum called the non-celebrity woman, but there was a clear reason why Hwang Jung Eum behaved this way.”

He continued, “Firstly, Hwang Jung Eum was already in marital crisis in 2021. At that time she accepted her husband and looked past everything. It seemed like she was trying to reconcile with her husband but the recent incident occurred.”

Lee Jin Ho added: “Secondly, (her emotional rampage) is related to how she found out about her husband's affair. Hwang Jung Eum is said to have known nothing about her husband's extramarital affairs until this year. It was said that the two were focused on raising children and appeared to be living a happy family life. Especially after reconciling their relationship, Hwang Jung Eum's trust in her husband had increased significantly.

The YouTuber continued: “Therefore, the incident earlier this year came as an even bigger shock to her. According to the information I received from her acquaintances, Hwang Jung Eum was at home with her two children while her husband was at work. Then her son brought her husband's secret cell phone and said, “This is her father's cell phone.” Hwang Jung Eum was confused and asked, “Didn't he take his cell phone to work?” When she checked the phone, she asked realized that it wasn't the usual phone that Lee Young Don carried around.

Lee Jin Ho explained: “Hwang Jung Eum was shocked to find that there were text messages and photos on the phone showing his troubled relationships (with other women). Some of this information was released by Hwang Jung Eum herself through her social media. The YouTube reporter concluded: “It is said that Hwang Jung Eum felt great shame because this information came from her son. Because of this, she lost her temper and raged.”