Amy Adams could turn into a dog in the surreal new film Nightbitch


The horror-satire novel “Nightbitch” is being made into a film with Amy Adams as the leading actress.

Amy Adams will play the lead role Night slut, a film from Searchlight Pictures based on the 2021 novel by Rachel Yoder. The film is directed by Marielle Heller, who also directed the 2019 Mr. Rogers biopic A beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks. Heller will also write the script.

(Photo: Searchlight Pictures)

If you get wide-eyed after seeing this title, you're definitely not alone. The summary of the Nightbitch novel is pretty wild too, so good luck with that:

An ambitious mother puts her art career on hold to stay home with her newborn son, but the experience isn't what she expected. Two years later, she enters the bathroom to take a break from her toddler's demands and discovers a thick strand of hair on the back of her neck. In the mirror, her canines suddenly look sharper than she remembers. Her husband, who travels for work five days a week, casually dismisses her fears from distant hotel rooms.

As the mother's symptoms intensify and her temptation to give in to her new dog's impulses reaches its peak, she finds it difficult to keep her old dog identity a secret. While searching for a cure in the library, she discovers the mysterious academic book “A Field Guide to Magical Women: A Mythical Ethnography,” which becomes her Bible, and meets a group of mothers involved in a multi-level marketing plan and possibly are also more than they appear.

Nightbitch is an incredibly original novel with ideas about art, power and femininity wrapped up in a satirical fairy tale that will make you cry with laughter and recognition. And you should too. You should cry as much as you want.

The horror genre has made great works out of stories of failed motherhood (Rosemary's Baby, The Babadook, The Omen – Alien), and Nightbitch seems to bring a unique satirical twist to this genre trope.

Although she is now known for a number of prestigious roles, Amy Adams made her breakthrough with more extreme character acting in films such as the (2005) indie film Junebug (her first Oscar nomination), David O. Russell's The Fighter and The Cult-classic comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Rick Bobby. She returned to an extreme and troubled character in the 2018 HBO limited series Sharp Objects, earning a Golden Globe nomination.

That's all: Despite the outrageous-sounding title, “Nightbitch” sounds like it could be another important vehicle for Amy Adams and already has the potential to be a breakthrough. Especially when whole groups of movie mothers feel like they can understand each other.

Night slut hits theaters on December 6th.