Up to a million people are expected to travel through Kentucky during the solar eclipse on April 8


Kentucky officials Friday discussed traffic concerns leading up to the April 8 total solar eclipse.

Officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet office in Paducah are warning Kentuckians and those traveling through the state to expect traffic on interstate systems, connector highways and local roads.

“We anticipate there could be an influx of traffic leaving immediately after the total ends,” said Kyle Poat, chief engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), District 1.

Officials said the total duration in Western Kentucky is about 2-3 minutes, meaning traffic is expected to increase right after the main event.

As many as a million people may travel through Kentucky on Monday as they make their way to other scenic spots in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

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“We anticipate that many travelers will travel through Kentucky to get to these areas,” Poat said.

Officials are urging the public to view eclipse viewing as a major sporting event where traffic is inevitable.

“One of the things we encourage people to do is have a lot of patience,” said Keith Todd, Kentucky public information officer. “The other thing we tell people is don’t forget patience…”

Consider the following tips to prepare for the total solar eclipse on April 8:

  • Have your vehicle filled with fuel
  • Keep water and snacks in your vehicle
  • If possible, leave early or stay later than Eclipse Totality to avoid traffic
  • Get to the viewing areas early to ensure you have a safe place to watch the eclipse
  • For safety and protection from the eclipse, wear appropriate glasses

Listen to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's account of the April 8 solar eclipse below (timestamp 31:15):

More information about the solar eclipse from KYTC can be found here.

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