Lawyers commenting on pending cases and judgments is a very disturbing trend: CJI Chandrachud | India News


The judiciary has broad shoulders and can easily absorb both praise and criticism, but he finds the recent tendency of lawyers to comment on pending cases or judgments very disturbing, Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud said in Nagpur on Friday .

Officials and lawyers should not forget, when responding to court decisions, that they are officers of the court and not laypeople, he said.

The CJI was speaking at the centenary celebrations of Nagpur High Court Bar Association.

The judiciary has repeatedly used the opportunity to reaffirm its independence and impartiality, said Justice Chandrachud.

“However, we must not forget that there is a close connection between the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession,” he said.

Festive offer

The Bar Association as an institution is essential for safeguarding the independence of the judiciary, constitutional values ​​and dignity of the court, the CJI added.

In a vibrant and contentious democracy like India, most people have political ideologies or leanings, Chandrachud noted.

“To quote Aristotle: Humans are political animals. Lawyers are no exception. However, for members of the Bar, the highest interest must not lie with partisan interests, but with the Court and the Constitution,” he said.

The CJI said the judgments of the Constitutional Benches of the Supreme Court were the result of rigorous procedures, thorough legal analysis and adherence to constitutional principles.

“But once a verdict is made, it becomes public property. As an institution, we are broad-shouldered. We are ready to receive both praise and criticism…bouquets and praise, be it through journalistic pieces, political commentary or on social media,” he said.

But as members and officers of bar associations, lawyers must differentiate themselves from laypeople in responding to court rulings, he added.

“I have recently become very concerned about the tendency of members of bar associations to comment on pending cases and judgments. You are first and foremost officers of the court and the truth and dignity of our legal discourse lies in your hands,” the CJI said.

India's Constitution is an inclusive constitution that aims to bring all people together, including “the butcher, the baker and the candle maker” (people from different backgrounds), he said.