Fort Worth hosts premiere of new film – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


Fort Worth will get star power Saturday night when it hosts the world premiere of a new film called “The Actor.”

“You're literally in the city where the movie was shot, watching it. I think that just makes it even more special,” said Richard Blake, the film’s writer, director and star.

In “The Actor,” Blake portrays an actor who struggles with his own moral standards after he witnesses the murder of a neighbor and comes across a load of cash that the victim had hidden. He keeps the money and begins the feat of a lifetime to hide who he really is.

The actor comes from Fort Worth-based Amberock Productions. Blake and his wife Amber founded the production company in 2016 while living in Hollywood. The pandemic has brought production to a standstill. So the couple moved to Amber's hometown of Fort Worth in 2021 and brought the production company with them.

“I know the area and we came and really enjoyed it. I was in the middle of this script. During that time, I was kind of frustrated and angry, but not sure and insecure, but I kind of just took it all in. “I put it into this script, and lo and behold, we stuck with it in the end,” Blake said. “We bought an apartment in the city center. We live in the city I love. And I said, 'Let's move our company here.'

“The Actor” is her third project and while the film has some Hollywood in it, it also has a lot of Fort Worth.

“We shot exteriors in LA and a few travel scenes, so the scope of the film is quite large. But you know, I was in Hollywood for 20 years, so you're cheating everything.” So we shot every scene, the entire crew, everything is in Fort Worth. I mean, there’s a lot of filming locations in Fort Worth,” Blake said.

Main Street, Downtown, The Tower, The Fort Worth Club, First Christian Church, Paris Coffee Shop, Magnolia Avenue, Roy Pope Grocery and Pop's Gym are among the locations where the film was filmed.

“It's just a fun film. “Don’t take him too seriously,” Blake said. “I want to go back to a simpler time when we could just sit down and watch a story for two hours and, you know, you either like it, or you love it, or you watch it again.”

The film will be released on AppleTV, Amazon and other streaming services on Friday. An invitation-only red carpet screening will take place Saturday evening in downtown Fort Worth.