The next Jurassic Park film needs to embrace horror


The original Jurassic Park The 1993 film is one of the most important science fiction films of the 1990s. It is a cornerstone of director Steven Spielberg's career and launched one of the most successful film series of the last thirty years. Over the course of six films, the Jurassic Park The franchise grossed over $6 billion in 2015 Jurassic world the most successful entry in the series with a total gross of $1.67 billion.

Although the franchise seemingly came to an end with Jurassic World: Dominion In 2022, it's no surprise that Universal is already back at work developing a new entry in the popular Dino series.

The new film, which is interestingly more commonly referred to as Jurassic World 4 as Jurassic Park 7will seemingly be the start of a whole new era for the franchise. None of the stars from previous entries, such as Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum, are expected to return as the story takes a new direction and will be led by new characters.

David Koepp, who wrote the screenplay for the original film and its 1997 sequel, The Lost WorldHe returns to the franchise as a screenwriter for the first time in over 25 years. The film's director is Gareth Edwards, who most recently directed the original science fiction film The creator but has also worked in franchises with films like before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and 2014 Godzilla.

With an ambitiously approaching release date of July 2, 2025, this new law Film wants to breathe new life into the series sooner rather than later. If this film is to succeed, it must learn from the mistakes of the series' past. While the youngest Jurassic world Movies were box office hits, they were flawed movies whose returns dwindled with each new entry.

Although there are different ways Edwards and Koepp could approach this law To take the franchise in a new direction, the most promising approach would be to go back to basics and adopt some of the more horror-oriented approaches of its earliest entries. Here's why:

Differentiation from Jurassic World

The Jurassic world Franchise came at the perfect time. Almost 15 years have passed since then Jurassic Park III hit theaters, audiences were hungry for a new film in the series and nostalgia played a bigger role at the box office than ever before. 2015s Jurassic world was able to capitalize on all of that by reminding its viewers of much of what they loved about the original film while also bringing a new approach to the table. Combined with rising stars like Chris Pratt, it was an incredible recipe for success.

However, the goodwill is for them Jurassic world Movies faded more and more with each new entry. Until then Domination When the series hit theaters in 2022, interest in the franchise waned quite a bit and they had to double down on nostalgia by bringing back Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum once again.

Also with that, Domination ran on exhaust fumes. While the film grossed more than $1 billion worldwide – although it barely topped that mark – the film's long-term impact was virtually non-existent. Despite it being published almost two years ago, no one is talking about it Domination anymore, and basically nobody talks about it anymore Jurassic Park Franchise.

With this in mind, the clearest solution would be to take a longer break Jurassic Park and then bring it back at least a decade later (if at all). This would give viewers time to miss the series again. However, Universal seems keen to bring it back as soon as possible. If that's the path they want to take, the only way to do it successfully will be to clearly differentiate this new thing law film from the Jurassic world Films. If it just feels like more of the same, the audience won't be interested. There has to be a new approach or idea to captivate viewers.

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Taking the series back to its roots

Although the Jurassic world The franchise has already tapped into the franchise's nostalgia card by bringing back the original cast and reintroducing a new park on Isla Nublar. However, that doesn't mean this latest revival of Jurassic Park cannot draw in any way from his previous entries. You just need to take a different approach. In particular, we believe that it would be best for this new film to evoke much of the same atmosphere as the first three Jurassic Park films, rather than building directly on them with familiar characters and storylines.

While the characters were obviously a key factor in the original three law For many films, particularly the first film in 1993, much of the success of these films was a result of their general aesthetic and approach to spectacle. They were science fiction thrillers, not blockbuster action films. By returning to this approach, the Jurassic Park The franchise will be able to more thoroughly recreate the magic of the original films and hopefully regain some of the respect that was lost in the original films Jurassic world Films.

This wouldn't be the first time that the modern Jurassic Park The franchise has returned to this aesthetic, as it was implemented to incredible effect in the short film Battle of Big Rock which was published in 2019. This short film, directed by Colin Trevorrow, told exactly the kind of simple story this franchise so desperately needs. It centers on a family who go on a seemingly peaceful camping trip in a national park in Northern California. But everything turns upside down when a Nasutoceratops enters the camp and is subsequently (and violently) attacked by an Allosaurus.

The story then revolves around the story of this family who are just trying to survive their encounter with these dangerous dinosaurs. This simplicity works wonders; It feels a lot like the first few Jurassic Park films, and that's exactly the approach required in this new film from David Koepp and Gareth Edwards.

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Attract a new audience

Finally, the most important thing about this novelty Jurassic Park The film's goal is to introduce new viewers to the franchise's passionate fan base. The further along Jurassic world The longer the series went on, the more self-referential it became. This reached its peak with Jurassic World: Dominionwhich relied entirely on the fact that its audience had seen and loved pretty much every previous film in the series.

By simplifying the story and incorporating the horror and thriller elements that were most prevalent in the original films, this new film is created Jurassic Park The film will be able to attract new viewers and maybe even win back some of the fans it lost in the process. This approach has already worked wonders for other franchises. This is a great example Predator Series that virtually ceased to exist in the late 2010s. But then along came Dan Trachtenberg with a simple, refreshing and more horror-focused story that became 2022 preythe best film in the series in decades, which has also significantly revived interest in the franchise.

Many of the original's most famous and iconic moments Jurassic Park The films are also the most terrifying, be it the T. Rex escaping captivity, the children hiding from the velociraptors in the kitchen, or Dennis Nedry's encounter with the poisonous Dilophosaurus.

The Jurassic world Movies shifted the franchise towards science fiction and action, which worked for a while, but then it quickly devolved into producing the same generic legacy sequels that every franchise currently seems to be chasing. The problem is that the audience doesn't go Jurassic Park Because of its crazy science and action, it visits people who are afraid of dinosaurs on the loose. It's honestly pretty simple. If Koepp and Edwards can recognize this and base their new film on this idea, perhaps this seventh one will Jurassic Park The film might finally be able to recreate some of the magic of the original.

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