Walk Across Tennessee starts Monday, April 8th


April 5, 2024
By: Dwayne Page

The annual Walk Across Tennessee local event begins Monday, April 8, and you are welcome to attend.

“Walk across Tennessee is an 8-week team competition to see who can walk the most miles during training,” said April Martin of the UT-TSU Extension Office.

“You don’t literally walk through Tennessee. Your team will train for 8 weeks and the goal is to cover the equivalent of 500 miles, the length of the state of Tennessee. It’s a fun, friendly competition and there’s no better way to get fit,” Martin explained.

“We have over 200 people in the county and some from outside attending this event. There are more than 23 teams,” Martin continued.

“Anyone can be on a team, including youth, adults, colleagues, friends, family, etc., and there is no fee. You can have up to 8 people on your team. Each team has a captain and team members report to him each week how many miles they have run,” Martin said. “You don’t just have to walk. You can do other exercises. For example, the strength training class I teach can count as well as cycling, even gardening, house cleaning, or other daily activities that qualify as exercise. You can count that. We have a conversion table for this. All of this is an attempt to motivate everyone and get them outside and more active because the more physically active you are, the less weight you lose, you feel better, you build stronger bones and it helps with fall prevention. There are just so many benefits to walking or exercising,” Martin said.

How can I participate?

1. Gather up to 8 team members

2. Choose a team captain and team name

3. The team captain downloads the captain's package at and has each team member complete the individual registration. Packages are available outside the UT UT – TSU Extension – DeKalb County office in the DeKalb County Complex Building.

4. Attend kickoff and cheer on your team on Monday, April 8th at Greenbrook Park.

5. Train for 8 weeks. Every exercise counts. We have a conversion table you can use. The exercise must be targeted and last at least 10 minutes. IE Do not wear pedometers/fitness watches and count all steps collected throughout the day.

If you have any questions, call the office at 615-597-4945.