Mainers share TikTok videos from Thursday's Wild Nor'easter


The state of Maine got punched in the face again yesterday, and these videos prove it!

Nearly 300,000 Mainers were without power (many still are), and once again there was countless damage to homes, vehicles and businesses, not to mention downed power lines, flooding, tree limbs blocking roads, and the lack of assistance the city of traffic lights.

There were also numerous car accidents as the roads were almost impassable at times.

The chaos of yesterday's storm can still be felt today and there will be a few scattered snow showers, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that maybe this was the grand finale of winter. One can only hope.

Depending on what part of the state you live in, certain areas were completely blanketed in snow and high winds, with well over a foot of fresh powder. Yikes.

Those of us who were lucky enough to have a generator or remembered to charge our cell phones have seen some stunning images on social media since early Thursday morning.

Simply typing “Maine Electricity” into search on TikTok will bring up countless videos from people who witnessed the intensity of this storm up close. Overall, everyone was just overwhelmed that there was so much snow on the ground in early April.

Pets and small children made the most of a lovely, old-fashioned day playing in the snow.

Snowfall totals in Maine, April 2024